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Draliks, the Exsanguinator
Biographical information






Elite Assassin


Corrupted Captain



Combat information


King's Vengeance


Draining Welder
Scorch Blades


Initial Immunity
Rapid Movement
Invisibility Shroud
Arc Darkness Bolt
Suppression Effect
Burning Effect
Shadow Touched
Devouring Essence
Weapon Resistance
High Durability
Taken Rift Collapse
Draliks' Venom


Draliks, the Exsanguinator is the leader of the Viruses' stealth missions, and serves as an elite assassin for Halkris.

Main Mechanics[edit]

Primary Weapons[edit]

Draliks is armed with a Draining Welder as his preferred weapon, which fires clusters of arcing, explosive Void shrapnel that track their targets and create energy domes that suppress the abilities of any Guardian that steps inside. On top of that, he is equipped Scorch Blades on his lower arms for close combat, inflicting a burning effect with every strike.

Devouring Essence[edit]

Draliks will initially be immune and invisible, allowing him to fire his Draining Welder as well as launch Darkness Bolts, which will track their targets and blind Guardians upon contact, causing their vision to fade to black for a short time. Slowly, he will advance towards one Guardian at random, and appear for a brief moment to attack them with a concentrated beam from his Draining Welder, which will inflict them with the "Shadow Touched" and "Devouring Essense" debuffs. While under the effects of "Shadow Touched", Guardians will be unable to sprint, regenerate health, and use their jumping and melee abilities, whereas Devouring Essence works the same as it did during the fight with Skolas. After firing this beam, Draliks will retreat and continue attacking from afar. Whoever has the Devouring Essence must pass it around to other members of the team. They will have 30 seconds to do so, or the Essence will kill them on the spot. Whoever previously had to essence will be immune to it for 45 seconds. The effects of Shadow Touched will not be passed on whenever the Essence is transferred. After every has had the Essence at least once, it will reach another stack by the time it gets to the one who originally got it. Once the debuff has reached three stacks it will no longer count down, the person who holds it will be targeted by special Corrupted Servitors that have been revealed shielding Draliks. Only the person with the debuff will be able to kill the Servitors because they are immune to damage coming from other Guardians.

Taken Rifts[edit]

For every Servitor killed, a giant Taken rift will appear. Draliks will be vulnerable to damage, but will resist all weapon damage. To receive full damage capability, the entire team will have to stand in one rift. Whoever stands in the rift will receive a damage-increasing buff called "Draliks' Favor", which will last for 10 seconds at a time. After the buff expires, the rift will collapse on itself, resulting in a detonation that can instantly kill anyone that doesn't get out of the way. As Guardians go from rift to rift, they will be inflicted with a debuff called "Draliks' Venom", where using abilities will cause damage to the user. If abilities are used 3 times while under this debuff, then they will be Exsanguinated, rapidly bleeding to death. This debuff can be cured by running through a pillar of Light that will periodically appear in the arena. Once all the rifts have expired, Draliks will turn invisible again and restart his assault.