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Dorusk, the Fracturer
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King's Vengeance


Void Blitz Launcher
Arc Dragon's Gaze
Taken Cabal Shield
Void Cluster Missiles
Corrupted Detonator


Shocking Effect
Rocket Jet Blast
Rocket Ejection
Burning Effect
Limited Flight
Strafe Thrusters
Energy Shields
Arc Shield Blast
Blindness Effect
Sundered Effect
Bleedout Effect
Poisoned Effect
Void Axion Dart
Suppression Effect
Shadow Touched
Taken Blight Debuff
Blighted Collpase
Curse of Dorusk
Wrath of Dorusk
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Circle of Fire
Will of Dorusk


Dorusk, the Fracturer is the general of the Viruses, and serves as their leader during siege missions.

Main Mechanics[edit]

Primary Weapons[edit]

Dorusk's preferred weapon of choice is his Blitz Launcher, a fully automatic rocket launcher that fires large volleys of tracking Void rockets which can devastate their targets. He also bears a standard on his back, decorated with banners of his former legion's insignia, which is tipped with a focus laser that fires a constant beam of Arc energy that creates an electric current wherever it strikes, shocking anything in its radius to death. When faced at point blank, he can emit a rocket jet blast, which leaves behind small circles of fire that burn their targets as well as a large Solar energy pillar that will instantly kill anything it touches. This pillar lasts for 5 seconds.

Energy Shields[edit]

Dorusk will be shielded by three Corrupted Pulsars: one with Arc energy, one with Solar energy, and one with Void energy. Each energy shield can only be broken down when its respective Pulsar is killed. Each time a Pulsar is killed, as well as when a shield is broken, he will gain special powers that compound with each other. When the Arc Pulsar is killed, he will gain a Taken Cabal Shield that can launch forward Arc energy blasts at point blank which knock everything back, and when his Arc shield goes down, his shield blasts will also blind Guardians within its range. When the Solar Pulsar is killed, he can launch Solar Psionic Blasts identical to the Corrupted Psion, and when his Solar shield breaks, he will periodically fire Corrupted Colossus cluster missiles that will ignite, sunder, and bleed out their targets upon impact. When the Void pulsar is killed, he will fire Void frag grenades from his wrist, which release a poison cloud upon detonation, and when his Void shield breaks, he will summon Axion Darts that track their targets and suppress their abilities upon impact.

Taken Blights[edit]

With all his shields down, Dorusk will gain resistance to all incoming damage. He will start to summon a giant Taken blight as well as two smaller blight varieties, one of which inflicts the "Shadow Touched" debuff, where sprinting, health recovery, and jumping and melee abilities are disabled, and the other of which inflicts the "Taken Blight" debuff, which is surrounded in a black dome that protects the blight from all outside damage and drains the health of whoever steps inside. If the giant blight is not destroyed in time, it eventually collapses and immediately kills everyone. To destroy the giant blight, one must use the domed blights to acquire the "Blight Receding" buff to damage it. However, the buff cannot be acquired from the domed blights until the regular blights are destroyed, which will be permanently vulnerable to damage.

Energy Plates[edit]

Once the giant blight is destroyed, energy plates will appear in each corner of the arena. These must be guarded from an onslaught of Corrupted Cabal, including a special Corrupted Centurion that will attempt to capture the plates. Whoever gets off the plate during this time will receive the "Curse of Dorusk" debuff where their movements will be slowed and their weapon rate of fire is reduced. If they do not get back on the plate in time, then they will be inflicted with the "Wrath of Dorusk" spell, which resets ability recharge rate and causes instant death. When the plates are stood on for long enough, then the entire team gets the "Stone Breaker" buff, which grants full damage capabilities to Dorusk for 30 seconds. To receive another stack of the buff, Guardians can run through pillars of Light that will periodically appear around the arena, allowing them to deal more damage. Whenever the buff runs out, Dorusk will summon another giant blight that cannot be shut down. In order to shut the blight down, everyone needs to step off their plates. If not, it will bombard the entire arena and kill the entire team.

Enrage Mode[edit]

When at 50% health or below, Dorusk will become faster, gain the ability to teleport short distances, his attacks will have increased range, and periodically summon circles of fire that will eventually detonate and kill anyone who hasn't gotten out of the way.