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Darkest Ambitions
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Clovis Bray

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Twin Cannons


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Clovis Bray


"They say all ends justify the means. So, may it be known, this is for the greater good. For humanity."
Clovis Bray I

Darkest Ambitions is an Exotic Jumpship that can be acquired from the Deep Stone Crypt Raid from the Thoughts of Power Triumph, which calls for the deaths of bosses hidden throughout the Raid. The aforementioned Triumph was available following the World's First completion of the Raid.


The Fallen weakly opened her eyes as her consciousness began to take root once again. She felt fatigue, but not the kind that comes from awaking from slumber, but like she had fought in a great and exhaustive battle. But when she searched her mind for what happened before, she couldn't recall anything of such intensity, only a few brawls and small skirmishes with the-

As she combed her mind for an explanation, she began noticing- no, feeling gaps within her memory. She could feel their absence; she noticed skips or abrupt stops in them. As she began recollecting her past, it took her a few seconds identify her old mentor and close friend, Eramis, as well as her close allies. She also barely remembers the bastard who took them, all of them, from her. How could she have? Worst yet, how could she not remember how she got here? What happened to her? What happened to her loyal servants? Her trusted lieutenants? What was she-

After finally coming to her senses, she saw what appears to be a pure, dark void, a chamber of nothingness. The darkness was... intense, she could feel it pressing against her, her weakness only began to build and, even with the eyes of her people, it was nearly blinding. It was unsettling, unnerving, but the thought that this place wasn't real began to grow in her mind. Even with this... debilitating darkness, she could feel an oddity in the supposedly stone floor. She tested it with a tap from one of her feet. It made the sound of stone yet felt too soft to be. Now the thought began to bloom. Wherever she is, it isn't real, not in the universe she knows that is. Back to her mysteriously clouded mind she goes. She began to comb through potential answers projected from every corner of her un-interfered mind, but none she could confirm. It couldn't be the realm of the Lost, she would be them, not herself not with what remains-

Suddenly, she felt the unshakable feeling of being watched- no, just simply overseen by something who knows she's here in this unseeable darkness, something that neither has a direction to see nor approach her from. Fear almost completely consumed her, she felt the compelling urge to escape into the unseeable void, to flee from this doubtlessly malevolent stalker. But she swallowed it back, she's better than that, she's one of House Salvation's best, so she can't, she won't, and she held still. She was braced for something to come screeching out from the oblivion, something to tear her apart, to kill her... or worse. She built up the courage to try to talk with whatever thing was out there. With a modicum of fear, she called out in Eliksni to the watcher.

Her voice echoed out into the darkness. She could hear it bouncing around the formless place, reverberating back and forth within this void, but heard it swiftly die out in the process. Nothing in return. This formless overseer returned nothing to her, but she felt its presence subtly subside. What ever this thing was, it heard her, but has yet to respond... or it didn't understand. Now the thought of it being Human crossed her mind. If this was the case, again, how could she have? How could she have been taken or overpowered by such a lowly, filthy thing? Perhaps for another time, when she begins to find answers. "No more questions", she thought to herself, "let's first find out who this sloat is." This time, she called out to the darkness again, although weaker; she couldn't stomach the thought of speaking in the language of her enemy.

"Where am I, please?"

The voice echoed out into the darkness again; despite her voice being quieter, it reverberated just as loudly and shortly as her previous attempt to communicate with the stranger. This time, however, the feeling of its presence intensified. A human voice returned.

"So it speaks english too! I guess since the loss of your homeworld, you have had nothing but time to pick up skills. Especially from power people, enemy or not. May what you have done to yourself be a testament to that. May also the destruction of my life's work by you and the "Guardian's" hands be any indication as well."

The human had power and ego in his voice, and, paradoxically, weakness. From how he sounds, the human strikes the Fallen as the kind who would be powerless to stop any sort of disaster upon him, yet would act as if something could have gotten worse. There was apathy in it too. She didn't even need to hear him again, this human strikes her as one who wouldn't care if he lost his closest friends, his family and anyone close. There was a slight tingle of terror in the prior trait, but anger and curiosity both drowned it. She's going to get answers any way possible, then she will make this human sloat suffer. In that order. Despite her alias, she's one for order.

"You didn't answer my question, Human." she barked back into the dark "Where. Am. I?"

"Ah! Of all the things I've been hearing about you... "Fallen", direct was not one of them. How deliciously quaint! Now, as for an answer-"

Suddenly, the darkness around her began to pull back away from her, revealing a meadow of sorts; she felt the, once-"stone"-floor turn to soil and the Terran flora underneath her. The chamber then turned into a massive field of grasses and flowers from the Human homeworld, but not that of what she has seen from experience. Each blade of grass was yellow and the flowers subtly glowed white. More and more of these blades and flowers began to appear from the retracting darkness, as did a clear, light blue sky. Even in this false realm, a gentle breeze gave the already warm place doubtlessly false sense of serenity, but a sense of serenity nonetheless. The darkness dissipated from this placid place with the exception of a mysterious, towering blank space of it from what appears to be miles away. Even with the sense of tranquility, even glimpsing the direction gave off an unnatural sense of dread. But, it was in looking in that direction that the Fallen acquired the feeling of familiarity, that she remembers this place, even very minimally.

"You are in a place of immortality. A secondary failsafe to ensure eternal life for those no afraid to take a step into what was once called inhumane. Welcome to the Deep Stone Crypt, my greatest achievement. Well, at least the digitized portion of it."

She's only ever heard of tales told by the humanoid machines, picked up by her people, telling of this place. Some of peace, others of strife. This place is said to be legend among the "Ehkso" who have often said to have visited here. She couldn't believe she of all her people, the first of them, are here in this place! However, realization, hit her. If she's here in this place of the dead...

"How did I get here?!" she howled to the mysterious human, "What happened to me?! Answer me, now! Or I swear, when I find you, I will kill you, you filthy bastard!"

The human, despite hearing such aggressive and powerful roars, calmly answered back, "Relax, such answers I will give to you in due time. All you need to know now is that you made your choice: to become immortal. Had I not decided to register you, like you should have, and, therefore, bring you into this scenario now, you wouldn't be here making such brash and bold threats on my life. Now, I, too, am looking for answers, so I propose we have a nice discussion while we wait here. Wouldn't that be nice?"

The Fallen's anger only increased, but then began to subside. If what he said is true, then he probably does deserve some mercy, and even more so if he is courteous enough to give her the answers she deserves; there is no benefit to his death, not now that is. She eased up, looking down at herself in the process, noticing that she, instead appears to have her old body before she accepted the change, before she ascended above her once inferior form. There is no more questions here. He has spoken the truth then. Guess it's time to get answers.

The human spoke once again. "Now, in our old ways, it was rude for strangers to intimately converse without first introducing each other. So, shall we, then? Who did they call you?"

The Fallen drew in a deep breath and sighed, of course the human would focus on their own customs. But, seeing how he too is pursuing answers, she supposes there is a silver-lining there. Maybe.

She answered. "They used to call me, Atraks. Now, who are you?"

Suddenly, a human materialized out of nowhere in front of her. He appeared to be sharply dressed, most of the finely made suit ending in a pair of nice slacks, all of which is mostly covered by a long fur suit. Atraks could barely see his face, but she could tell a long smile has been dragged across it.

"A pleasure to meet you, Atraks. As for me, my name is Clovis Bray."

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