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Cayde-6, the Chicken King
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The Cult of Chicken


The King of All Chickens


Hunter Gunslinger



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Cult of the Wing


Ace of Spades
Hunter's Knife
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Summon Chicken Warriors
Vengeance of Tevis
Vengeance of Andal
Vengeance of Eris
Vengeance of Colonel


"Am I right, am I right, or am I right? I'm right."
— Cayde-6

Cayde-6, the Chicken King is one of the many versions of Cayde-6.


Ever sense the Red War, Cayde-6's obsession with chickens grew with his prolonged expositor to his pet Chicken Colonel, eventually he secretly raided The Farm of all of it's chickens and began to raise an army of chickens to avenge all of his lost friends but got too carried away and began killing innocent Guardians he thought were spies of the enemies so Ikora calls on The Guardian to stop Cayde.


Cayde appears in the mission Cult of the Wing were he is the final boss of the mission. Upon encountering him he teleports away and summons Colonel and her chicken army. Colonel has the durability of a Honored War Beast and once she falls Cayde enters the fight himself. He mainly runs around and tries to kill the player with his signature gun, Ace of Spades, but will occasionally will throw a hunter knife at the player; if they get hit by it, they will instantly go down to the red health bar. Cayde often will summon his Chicken Warriors to claw the Guardian to death. Once he reaches two thirds health he'll begin to use his abilities. Vengeance of Tevis allows him to activate his Golden Gun, he has three shots of instant kill fire. You will know if you will get hit by it by your screen turning slightly orange and the debuff called, In Tevis' Sights shows up. It takes Cayde three seconds to fire the bullet upon locking on to the player. If you are in a Fireteam, Cayde will put his gun in his holster and his eye will glow, anyone that is not behind cover within three seconds of the debuff activating will be shot and killed. Vengeance of Andal will make Cayde fire faster, move faster, and take less damage for ten seconds. Cayde will often use this in tandem with Vengeance of Eris which will summon Shadow Thralls and will buff his attack for five seconds. Vengeance of Colonel will increase the amount of chicken warriors spawned by 100% for thirty seconds. He will continue to use these abilities randomly until he is defeated. Once he is beaten The Guardian returns him to The Tower to face his judgement.