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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Atheon's Redemption
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Guardian, Vex, Precursors, Atheon Reborn


""You only need hone your mind and sharpen your will." -Atheon Reborn"

Atheon's Redemption is an Exotic Sword that can be acquired from the "Road to Redemption" exotic quest associated with the Fall of Olympus Raid.


You only need hone your mind and sharpen your will.

Let the distance between you and your opponent not sway you from a battle of seemingly impossible odds. Allow your mind to suspend all disbelief, if only for a moment, and let your will replace it. Then unleash the power you have hidden and watch as your enemies cower in fear at your might. Let this blade be the catalyst for not only your continued growth but also the start of my redemption.

Weapon Mods[edit]



  • Iaijutsu Style Frame: Both a quickdraw sword-drawing technique and a counterattack oriented sword style. Use [Heavy Attack] to launch a powerful quickdraw strike.
  • Intrinsic Perk: Empty Moment - Press [Heavy Attack] to preform a dash attack that turns you invisible to all enemies at the start of the attack and then a sudden slash at the end of the dash.
  • Columnn 1: Blade - Godslayer Edge - Greatly increased damage at the cost of sword ammo. Deals increased damage to boss level enemies, vehicles, and guardians mid-super. Damage is multiplied when dealing damage against vex enemies and bosses.
  • Columnn 2: Guard - Deflective Parry - Sword Guard has maximized resistance and increased charge rate, but greatly lowered endurance and efficiency. Grants the ability to deflect projectiles and rewards perfect parrying with a deadly counterattack.
  • Column 3: Trait - Approaching Storm - Consecutive rapid sword strikes increases this weapon's damage output. Non-lethal attacks embed ethereal swords into the target that absorbs damage from all sources and releases it after a given time (around 5 seconds). Detonated swords create a chain reaction that causes all embedded swords to detonated consecutively.
  • Column 4: Trait - Bladeless Blade - During the animation for Empty Moment, multiple separate slashes will be preformed and attack anyone within a 10m distance. Applies the Fractured Time debuff at base version and buffs it with catalyst (From 10% base to 15% w/ catalyst). Frozen targets within range will be shattered upon the end of the animation.

Exotic Catalyst[edit]

  • Fractured Time: Enemies affected by any of the combos will be frozen and unable to move for the duration of the combos animation. Enemies killed by any of the combos create Chronological Zones that stop all enemies and deals damage over time for 10 seconds in a 5m radius. (Chronological Zones have a lessened effect on enemies that have a Chrono elemental basis, around 2 seconds instead of 10)
  • +10 Impact
  • +10 Magazine
  • +50 Endurance
  • +50 Efficiency
  • Duelist's Trance: Sword final blows grant increased charge rate, efficiency, and defense until this weapon is stowed.
  • Quantum Trigger: Hold [Block] to hold a stance. The following effects will be applied upon activation:
    • Increases damage and mobility.
    • Gain stacks of Motivation when dealing damage with stance attacks.
    • Additional stacks increase the damage, damage resistance of heavy attacks, and the swing speed of each attack.
    • Diamond Dust: When Quantum Trigger is activated, stasis lances will be summoned as a means of defending the user as well as a means of fighting back at targets further away. The state at which the swords act depends on the state of the weapon. To change the state, press the [Block] button. Does not apply any stacks of Motivation nor is its damage increased with stack. Summon swords remain after the [Block] button is let go.
      • Salvation: Summoned Swords will rotate around the user, defending them from oncoming attacks.
      • Retribution: Summoned Swords will hover beside the user until an enemy is within range, were it then flies towards the enemy and impales them, dealing continuous damage while marking the target for the player. Targets can have multiple embedded swords at once, up to a maximum of 10.
      • Vengeance: Summoned Swords will surround nearby enemies and attack them all at once, dealing 6x the regular summoned swords' damage at the cost of embedding the target.
  • New Attacks and Combos
    • Zero Zone - Hold [Block] and then hold [Grenade] to create a zone of stasis around you that interrupts and prevents healing, ability use, freezes all nearby enemies, and decreases all enemy armor by 20%.
    • Demon Cloak - Hold [Block] and then hold [Light Attack] to create a cloak around you that draws all attention from your allies to you. Grants greatly increased damage resistance.
    • Stunned Swallow - Hold [Block] and then hold [Heavy Attack] to preform an attack that starts with your character slowly swinging the blade clockwise, slowing all enemies within 10m, then ending with a devastating attack that consumes half the sword's energy. All enemies that attempt to attack while the animation is still going will be frozen upon contact.
    • Quantum Hop - Hold [Block] and then hold [Class Ability] to summon a duplicate of yourself, dealing damage simultaneously at the cost of sword charge and ammo.
    • Gap Closer - Hold [Block] and then hold [Finisher] to teleport toward an embedded target, allowing bypassing of slams and knockback to re-engage said target.
    • Data Transfer - Hold [Block] and then press [Heavy Attack] to create a portal that teleports any player to any specific location (relies on the direction the center of the camera is pointing at). Portals created last for only 5-10 seconds.
    • Swift Strike - Hold [Block] and then press [Light Attack] to quickly strike any enemy at any distance. Embedded enemies will be targeted by the strikes.



  • This is the first dual-element exotic weapon in Destiny 2.
  • Both the different combos and perks are based on the character Jin from the Action RPG Xenoblade Chronicles 2
  • The weapon is a tribute to a fan-favorite character from the Devil May Cry franchise, Vergil Sparda.
  • Iaijutsu Frames have built in En Garde.

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