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Serve Eon
Slaughter and consume each other (formerly)
Destroy all reality

At war with:

The City
Nexus Cleavage

Average height:


Average weight:



Pitch black stripes, spots, or skin

Average lifespan:


Notable groups:

Hounds Of The Corners

Notable individuals:



"Abominations that are beyond our reality, or any reality. Don't bother trying to depict what is an Anomaly. You'll know when you see them."
— Totality and Continuity

Anomalies are a race that fares outside of realities made up of numerous types of creatures, all with different biological form, behavior, and powers. All related due to the Prayer Of The Nonexistent, these creatures make up the livable organisms of the Cataclysm. Currently, almost all of the Anomalies have been united to fight for Eon while other more ancient Anomalies have resisted the command. Being paracausal entities, they become increasingly prominent across the entire Sol System and beyond. The Anomalies were first mentioned in Season Of The Infinite and introduced in Possibility.


Anomalies are quite possibly the greatest threat the Last City and it's Traveler have ever witnessed. Their entire existence is based upon consumption and evolution, and their constant change of warfare and appearance have made them unpredictable and impossible to form a proper stratagem against. They first arrived into the Sol System from an incident caused by an inter dimensional tear that had been unintentionally created by Saphix.

Anomalies have been seen as being antagonistic with everything that isn't an anomaly to being complete and loyal allies. The time they had spent in the Sol System had been short, but it had been enough to deter multiple armies and cause anarchy within the system. They lack the means to construct buildings and weapons on their own, but through the guidance of Eon, have began using replacement Anomalies as organic constructs.