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"We're building a clubhouse and a ship. We're gonna catch this sucker."

General Fiedler was a General in the North American Empire's military who was a part of the Ares One project to make first contact with the Traveler.


During a party at Centcom, Fiedler was unexpectedly called into a meeting by Director Canterbury. As Canterbury attempted to get the meeting underway, Fielder questioned who the other attendees were and was introduced to Evie Calumet, a leading theoretical physicist, and Jacob Hardy, the head of Special Flight Services. Evie then showed them images of an unidentified satellite that had appeared in orbit of Jupiter. Fielder asked if they knew anything about its capabilities, but Canterbury reported that they had no further intelligence on it yet.[1]

Over a year later, Fiedler remained involved in the effort to track the object, now dubbed Moon X, as it traversed the Sol System and terraformed and altered planets, including Venus and Mercury. After being informed by Evie that she had found a way to track it and that its next destination would be Mars, Fiedler decided that a international team would be put together to intercept and make first contact with Moon X. He called Jacob on his vacation and informed him that he would be the pilot for the mission. Due to the timing and distance, the mission needed to depart in two months, so Fiedler ordered Jacob to enjoy what was left of his vacation before returning to help put together the mission's clubhouse and ship.[2]

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