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Political and military information


Cabal Empire
Red Legion (formerly)
Imperial Cabal

Notable info:

Described as "scrawny"


Tal'urn is a soldier of the Imperial Cabal, involved in the operations on the Derelict Leviathan[1].


Tal'urn used to be part of the Red Legion, until he defected while stationed on Nessus. He would then be found by Imperial Cabal cowering under the Halphas Electus and recruited into their ranks.

One day, he would sit in a room with two other soldiers, Ur'Rux and Gorn'ak. He listened to the latter tell of his experiences on the haunted Leviathan, and took a jab at him, asking if he "lost his musk". He would be reprimanded by both Gorn and the veteran Ur, who reminded him of his cowardice under the Red Legion. As Gorn'ak told them to never go down on the ship again, their freshly promoted Centurion, Tuk'rin, would enter the room with the three soldiers. Though he too was shaken by his previous exploration, he would command them to prepare for another deployment.

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