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This article is about the character. For the quest, see Maelstrom (Quest).
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Maelstrom, also known by her real name Sedderik Assur, was a Cloud Strider of Neomuna.


Maelstrom was known as a great warrior and leader, who was dedicated to teaching other Neomuni how to defend their city against threats such as the Vex. To this end, she founded the Assur Academy, a training center for Neomuni (including new Cloud Striders) to learn how to fight in defense of Neomuna.

At some point, Maelstrom began a Cloud Strider training program, in which she mentored a class of prospective Cloud Striders with the intent of choosing the best student to undergo the final augmentations. After choosing her protégé, who would become known as the Cloud Strider Geist, ten other members of the class felt that they had been unfairly denied the opportunity to become Cloud Striders, and formed a terrorist group known as the Uplift Coven with the intent of seizing augmentation for themselves. Maelstrom managed to put down the insurrection, injuring Geist in the process when he attempted to defend his former classmates, but harbored deep regrets over the incident for the rest of her life.

At the end of her ten years as a Cloud Strider, Maelstrom gave Geist the kill codes to the Sidereal, which had been given to her by her own mentor. She stated that she lacked the conviction to use the codes, but that Geist might be able to find the strength to do it himself.

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