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Scuttleks, the Archon Descent
Biographical information











Combat information


Pirate Hideout: The Archon Descent


SolarS.png Shrapnel Launcher
ArcS.png Shock Grenades


Summon Fallen
High durability
Rapid movement
Ultra smash
Servitor bond shield


"An Archon serves no purpose without its House. But the armour still has a purpose for protecting a Lord"
— Scuttleks, the Archon Descent

Scuttleks, the Archon Descent is a Fallen Captain and leader of a gang of Pirates. He and his crew were tasked by Eramis, the Shipstealer to hunt for the Relics of Nezerec on behalf of the Witness. He is encountered in the mission Pirate Hideout: The Archon Descent.


Originally a Rising Archon for a House lost to the Whirlwind, Scuttleks would be taught the ways of the Great Machine. However, during the Long Drift, he would cast off the traditions of the Houses and use the remnants of his House as his crew. Scuttleks would become a renowned Ketchkiller, pillaging supply routes and wresting control of the Ketches of other houses.

In particular, he gained a reputation for docking the arms of his crew members for the petiest of reasons, ranging from failing in battle to taking more than their share of treasure or Ether. After failing to secure a treasure cache on Nessus, Scuttleks would have one of the surviving Vandals brought before him to dock his arms as punishment. Despite the Vandal's claims that it was Missraks and his crew that stole the cache rather than them, Scuttleks would still dock the Vandal for failing to stop the cache for being stolen before motioning for the next Vandal to be brought before him.