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Corruptor Hargolth
Biographical information

Other names:

Hargolth, the Titan
Corruptors' Rage










Behemoth Corruptor



Combat information


Ravaged Land


Corrupted Pounder
Corrupted Splinter
Swarm Grenade


Corruption Aura
Void Shield
Initial Immunity
Corrupted Deflection
Poisoned Debuff
Crippled Effect
Slowness Effect
Corrupted Swarm
Eye Detonation
Suppression Dome
Burning Effect
Corruptor's Grasp
Decay Breath
Magus Shielding
Flames of Hargolth
Storm of Hargolth
Venom of Hargolth
Berserker Rage
Temporary Vanish
Seismic Smash
Corrupted Pulse
Blindness Effect
Corrupted Latcher
Light Drainage
Corrupted Blast
Sundered Debuff
Electric Surge
High Durability
Summon Corruptors
Summon Hive Traps
Summon Vestiges


Corruptor Hargolth is the leader of the Corruptor clans established by the Denigrates.


Main Attacks[edit]

Hargolth attacks from range in one of two ways: an arm-mounted Corrupted Splinter which rapidly fires a fan of explosive Solar arrows that release lingering flame spots upon detonation, and a series of large, explosive Void eye blasts which leave behind a large Suppression Dome that suppresses the abilities of all Guardians in its radius. For closer-range combat, he relies on a Corrupted Pounder one-handed warhammer to perform massive swings which will cripple their targets, leaving them knocked down on the floor and their vision hazed; they will be briefly slowed upon recovering. Occasionally, Hargolth will toss Swarm Grenades which release swarms of mites upon detonation; these swarms drain the health of their victims. When faced at point blank range, he will grab the player and attempt to kill them on the spot with his poisonous Decay Breath; shooting the arm releases them.

Armor Penetration[edit]

Hargolth will be protected by both a rechargeable Void shield and three layers of impenetrable armor. All forms of attack from the player do no damage to the armor and are instead deflected back at them, inflicting them with a stacking poison debuff depending on how many attacks were directed at Hargolth. The only way to break the armor is to wield Cleavers dropped from a special variant of Guardsman Corruptors called Bodyguards of Hargolth, which are protected by Solar shields (instead of the usual Arc) and have the ability to throw their Cleavers in a boomerang-like path at their targets, causing them to bleed. Killing the Bodyguards will drop their Cleavers, allowing players to use them to break Hargolth's armor. However, his innate toxic aura makes this a dangerous affair, so it is advised to retreat when critically wounded.

Magus Shielding[edit]

When his armor is broken, Hargolth will call for support from three different types of Magus Corruptors: a Charged Sorceress, a Burning Sorceress, and a Nullified Sorceress, each of which are protected by an energy shield of their respective element and have the ability to inflict, shocking, burning, and poison effects respectively with all their attacks. These Sorceresses will summon an invulnerable shield around Hargolth and grant him the ability to transfer their elemental powers through a large aura spanning the entire arena. They can only be killed in a random order, and the type of elemental power active will denote which sorceress is vulnerable, while the others are immune. The Charged Sorceress allows Hargolth to emit an aura that induces heavy shocking effects; the Burning Sorceress allows him to emit an aura that induces heavy burning effects; the Nullified Sorceress allows him to emit an aura that induces heavy poison effects. When all Sorceresses have been killed, Hargolth will be stunned for 25 seconds at a time, enabling the player to damage him.

Berserker Rage[edit]

When Hargolth's health reaches 50%, he enters a permanent berserker rage, enabling him to move and fire faster, achieve higher accuracy with his main attacks, temporarily vanish and then teleport to another location, punch the ground several times in a row, and channel all the abilities of Magus Corruptors throug his warhammer: a blinding pulse of Arc energy, a Void beam that latches on to its targets and slowly drains their ability charges, a large Solar blast which tracks its targets and sunders their resilience and health upon impact, and a series of electric surges. Hargolth will remain in this state until he is killed.