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David Miguel Korosec
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David Miguel Korosec was a famous ethicist during the Golden Age who developed Humanity's best understanding of the Traveler's morality, for which he became known as "The Good Man". During the final days of the Golden Age he travelled to the New Pacific Arcology on Titan to advise on the ethical first contact with the aquatic lifeforms beneath the moon's ice shelf.


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Early Life and Career

Korosec was a citizen of the North American Empire, Earth's largest voluntary retro-nationalist republic. During his career as an ethicist, he became famous for proposing a comprehensive and rigorous model of the Traveler's morality, leading him to become known as "The Good Man".

At some point, he met a woman named Morgan, whom he would meet again years later on Titan after she had become an Exo and entered military service under Rasputin's command.

New Pacific Arcology and the Collapse

Shortly before the Collapse, Korosec traveled to the New Pacific Arcology on Titan to act as an ethics consultant for researchers studying the lifeforms in Titan's subterranean water ocean. He was opposed to the New Pacific Arcology government's orders for Drs. Khatun-Rowe and Shanice Pell to continue their work with power generation technology, realizing that the NPA intended to develop a superweapon from their research. His protests fell on deaf ears, as a working model was successfully developed and was among one of the few artifacts of the NPA to survive the Collapse completely intact.

During a debate between Mia van der Venne, Xiana McCaig, Ismail Barat and Maury Yamashita about how to respond to an evacuation order issued by Rasputin, Korosec opined that the situation could not possibly have been a false alarm given the depth and sophistication of the Warmind's ethical calculations.[1] Upon receiving news that the Traveler had departed Io and was speeding towards Earth, he told Mia that the Traveler would inevitably act to protect humanity against whatever was threatening the Sol System, as according to his analysis of the Traveler's moral code, "it [couldn't] do anything else."[2]

After Rasputin shot down an evacuation shuttle carrying Shanice Pell, Korosec intuited that Rasputin was acting according to TWILIGHT EXIGENT protocols, which stated that the Warmind would treat human lives as expendable if it meant securing the survival of the species in the face of an extinction-level event.

Personality and traits

"I wasn't always the Good Man, you know."
"Do you mind when people call you that?"
"Thank you for asking! I hate it. But I like the idea that people can believe in a good person. If they believe in one, they can believe in more.
— David discussing his nickname with Mia van der Venne
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