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22:32, Thursday, 22 October 2020 (UTC)
Biographical information




April 10, year 2638


Not dead yet!






1,90 m (6.2 ft)

Hair color:


Eye color:





Elite Guardian



Notable info:

Leader of the Slap Squad fireteam
Possesses experience equal to three Warlocks
The only friend of Sakrix, the Illuminated Mind


Greetings, Guardians! I am a Titan whose favorite thing to do is to battle space pirates and save humanity. Well, I kind of have to, you know. But when I'm not doing that, I'm hanging out in the Tower and researching about the wonderful universe we live in. The Taken and the Vex are especially interesting. As I like to write short novels and stories about persons and things in Destiny, I have developed an entire background story revolving around Albin Andersen, the God-Slayer. The Young Wolf. The Head of the Vanguard. The hero of the Red War. The Rivensbane. Etcetera. Enjoy!

The Dark Depths of the Forest

Mercury, Fields or Glass, Present Day

Albin Andersen looked around the corner, quickly memorizing every enemy location. Two Legionaries in the far right corner. A Scorpius sitting atop a flat rock right next to them. And a high-ranked Colossus, judging by the gold and white ornamentations on its armor, along with a Void-shielded Incendior patrolling the middle open area. He leaned back and started assigning orders to his fireteam.

"Alright guys, we've got a pack of Legionaries over to the right, sholdn't be a problem. A grenade or some well-placed Hand Cannon fire works. That one's on you Madelyn, take them by surprise and then destroy that Scorpius. Eric, that Incendior needs to go so we can surround the Colossus. Get in position and use your Y-09. The rest of you, prepare to attack the Colossus. No shotguns, we need to stay out of Ground Pound range. Use machine guns or pulse rifles. Okay, get in position and call out when you all are ready."

Everyone confirmed and there was a brief pause when everyone moved into their assigned positions. That gave Albin some time to actually think about what happened, why he were all the way out here when there was a Taken Ahamkara corrupting the Dreaming City that had to be taken care of. They were missing a member of their fireteam. Chloe, the Hunter. She was the reason to why they were on Mercury, guarding the way out of the Infinite Forest. Chloe had ventured into the Forest without telling anyone in her fireteam about it, but the Vex took control of the simulation she was in and separated her and her Ghost. She managed to contact Albin and they instantly went to rescue her. But without her Ghost... if anything happened to her, she would die for good. Even though he couldn't have done anything about it, Albin still felt guilty for not keeping an eye on her. The same way he felt guilty for not being able to save Cayde...

Madelyn's voice was heard over the comms. "W2 in pos." Albin put two fingers to the side of his helmet to activate the combined Radar and Heat Detector, and he could see her silhouette crouching behind the rock with the Scorpius turret. The heat emanating from the bond on her arm was very intense, signaling the strength of her Void Light.

Joanne's and Wayne's voices came in at the exact same time. T2 and W1 in position. Only Eric left, H1. Finally, Eric confirmed his position. Albin picked up his Tigerspite, a Awoken-tech-styled Auto Rifle he got during his audience with Queen Mara Sov.

"Alright. On my mark."




One loud shot was heard as Albin rushed forward against the mighty Cabal warrior. He could see the Incendior falling face first into the ground while the Legionaries to his right flew upwards by the explosion of Madelyn's Vortex. He, Joanne and Wayne continously attacked the Colossus and forced it into retreating, but Eric had a clear line of sight and put a bullet in its forehead. It was all over in a matter of seconds. Wayne stepped forward, kicked away a Cabal helmet and commented with a crooked smile: "It's not quite the same without Chloe's unplanned Arc Staffs." Albin didn't answer. He looked at the entrance to the Infinite Forest and turned on his microphone so Eric could hear him. "Make yourself ready, everyone. We're going in after her."

To be continued...