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Basic information
Real name

Unscathed Legionary


Palamor Torus IV


Capital of Torobatl


Commanding my Cohorts and abiding by my Commanders

Places I've lived

Torobatl, Mars, Earth, and other places I will not mention


War, because war is all there is. I also learned a lot about your "Grimoire"

About me

I am the Unscathed Legionary (In case you didn't already know). I have served on many fronts of this war serving many of my brethren. Meaning I know a lot about our enemies. Hobbies include: Drawing, reading lore, gaming, watching Youtube, and listening to music. I also have a very creative mind, which is why you're more likely find me on the Fan Fiction Forums. I do hope you have a great day... because tomorrow is another day.

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Kings Fall

Worst Destiny moment

Blighted Worlds questline

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Also, nice with Seriviks' quotes.


probably the start where I talk about I was playing with Seriviks when I was child, and I began playing parts and pieces of Servitors parts.


ok, that fine that happens to me sometimes.


sorry I forgot to put on private, and I'm also going to say thanks Archon of stone for helping a bit of it.


oh ok, also I added a part where the fireteam is help by one of my generals, Magnusk, Lions' Wrath and another group.....actually I thought the guardian fireteam helps the Lion soilders to attack the lair.


him, it could work, I think for a bit..