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December 30th

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"I'm only providing the links that are needed such as the weapon links. I..."
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"Still, it makes the pages look nicer. While it's not really "needed" i'd..."
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"I'm trying to make most of the Hyperlinks earlier instead of later as th..."
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"Totally! I can make the page a lot nicer."
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About me

Hi! I own around 3 different Destiny characters known as Xaush-367, Viper-1, and Kyle Andrews. I'm sort of a lore guy and often study the backstory of my favorite franchises.

Hobbies & interests

I'm into Coding, Pixel-Art, Gaming, Reading, Writing, Music, etc.

Favorite Destiny moment

When I beat the main Beyond light DLC.

Worst Destiny moment

When I figured out there was more than just the main storyline in Beyond-Light.

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No it does not make it look nicer, it makes a page look cluttered. I reduced a lot of hyperlinks in a lot of pages to reduce the excessive hyperlinks, don’t make me revert your edits.


When I mean they’re not needed, I mean it. I don’t wanna be looking through the recent changes and seeing a multitude of edits which consist of you adding hyperlinks that simply aren’t needed and fine as it is.

If you’re going to contribute create new pages of missing content like weapons, armour, missions, strikes, etc, write up lore material in your own words, upload images etc.


I’ve looked at the things you’re hyperlinking, it’s not needed at all. Not everything needs to be hyperlinked especially if one term has already been hyperlinked in the page.


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