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Basic information

United Kingdom



Places I've lived

dab nation

About me

if im stuck I shoot em in the head

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"padd your idea about the time glass got deleted. do u want me to try and..."
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Destiny tidbits
Favorite Destiny moment

jumping over 3 level 40s in a sparrow race and waving

Worst Destiny moment

got two supers in a row one after another then got pushed of the map for both.

Anything else

cayde is bay. and I NEED TO KNOW EVERY THING ABOUT THIS GAME!!!!1 #ahuntersgotahunt.

sorry if I edit anything badly if you do not like it I will stop thanks!

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Hey there, I was the guy who kept reverting your edits. You haven't done anything wrong, it was that many seemed implausible, and some were trivia that was already said elsewhere. I'm sorry about that.

How do you do your measurements? I'm curious.


Hey Nicke-7, wanna join the discord? I'll send you the invite?