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Shane bjerke or Arcanist


san jose california


February 15th

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"how do i make a page like yours when you come in?"
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About me

Arcansit is a guardian who is infused with the darkness and constantly studies the fallen as well as hating Uldren Sov and being Cayde-6s best friend and wei Nings ex lover.

Hobbies & interests

action adventure any fiction Destiny pizza,oreos sprite,7up, milk, water

Favorite Destiny moment

Murdering Oryx!!

Worst Destiny moment

Every single time the taken kill me

Anything else

Loves pulse rifles, scout rifles,sun breakers,swords, titans, The lord of Wolves shotgun, is friends with eris, variks, petra, zavala, cayde,ikora,shaxx, and saladin.

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Not yet, I'm working on one for him in the Forum section. I also have another exciting idea about a new Vex collective reprogramming him and he becomes the boss of a Raid inside Earth's core. I'll release more info about that asap :)


What do you mean, make a page like mine?


Hmm, what is most interesting to you about Destiny?