Resplendent Solstice Armor (Hunter)

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Resplendent Solstice Armor (Hunter)


Resplendent Solstice Armor





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Resplendent Solstice Armor is a Legendary Hunter armor set that could be acquired during the first Solstice of Heroes.

Solstice Mask (Resplendent)[edit]

"Knowledge is power. Seize it all."
— Armor description


Dax Etono moved through the darkness of the Red Legion storehouse as quietly as he could until he reached the control panels at the far end. He looked around, hoping the towers of equipment and storage containers would keep him hidden.

Lit the panel up.

This panel would generally be used by its owners just for inventory on this one unit. After the Cabal had seized the buildings here, however, the Guardians realized the Legion had unlocked the network to such a degree that if you could access any panel, you could get in almost anywhere in their systems. Dax pulled the buckle from his belt—a mag-hack. He let it click against the panel, and it started to copy over information. Tons of it.

The lights came on. Dax cursed, turning around. Footsteps echoed from both entrances. No enemies were visible yet. He drew his weapon and retrieved the mag-hack. Flicked a switch on its smooth metal side. At least he'd get the Vanguard some of the data.

Three Cabal rounded the corner, firing. Dax took aim to defend himself as information began blazing across the galaxy.

Solstice Grasps (Resplendent)[edit]

"Do more than survive. Change your reality."
— Armor description


"You can make anything sound like no big deal if you say it the right way."

Gemma Nixx knew that from very early on, and yet it still never ceased to bother her. You could say, "The Red Legion is wiping out innocent people all around the City," all matter-of-fact. But now, as she led maimed and hollow-eyed stragglers through ridges of junk and cratered earth, those words swelled and distorted until they were her entire reality.

You could say, "You've lost your regenerative ability, but you're still able to fight." But saying it didn't get her new feelings across. The pressure of the rebar she grabbed to steady herself was not pain; yet, like every sensation now, it stung in her brain.

"This way!" Gemma located a hatch and held it open, watching as the survivors filed in.

Then she slammed it shut, and a few seconds later, the hidden transport the people had crawled into revved its engine and burst from a pile of debris. Gemma watched them go.

She waved and saw a puff of smoke in a burnt-out building a quarter mile away. Then she saw a hole in her hand. And then nothing.

Solstice Vest (Resplendent)[edit]

"Adrift in a blazing sea, heroes become memories."
— Armor description


He was floating just about one meter off a comms satellite. I know, 'cause I was talking to him. Not in person—I was manning about 30 weather drones, so I had this array of camera views and readouts. I see him drifting there, drill in hand, by an open panel.

This was a Guardian, with a capital G. I mean, it makes me laugh now. I was thinking, I've seen that guy win ten in a row in the Crucible. Why is he fixing a satellite?

He told me, all casual, that the comms had been acting up, and he was saving the regular maintenance crew a trip into orbit in the middle of a storm. I even asked myself at the time, wow, do Guardians do that?

Anyway, I came to find out, the second the sensors beyond the Wall started going dark, he'd suspected sabotage. Came straight to investigate. He didn't want to freak me out.

He was one of the first that we lost during the invasion. The screen just filled with orange and white. Gone.

Solstice Strides (Resplendent)[edit]

"Flames lick at your heels but you are too fast."
— Armor description


Do you know what it takes to keep moving when you're so afraid—SO afraid?

In the EDZ, we were starting to mount an organized defense. It was still Cabal territory. She and I drew the short straw to hit a rolling transport: a fat Cabal train on wheels coming out of a munitions depot and heading for the Farm.

So we're waiting behind a ridge and the carrier approaches. She blasts it with her Grenade Launcher. The shell slams into a tread on the carrier and it just… sticks. Doesn't blow up. I look at her. She's gritting her teeth.

While I'm still in shock, she leaps to her feet, hops on a Sparrow, and zips about a mile down the road. I watch through the binocs. She pulls out a sidearm and aims from behind a bunch of steel girders. Shoots at the shell in the transport tread. Takes another shot. Three. Five. It's unlike her to miss.

Then I see why: her whole body is shaking with fear.

Finally she detonates the shell. And I mean, I have never seen a blast like this. An orange dome that reaches almost all the way back to me. It melts the rubber on my goggles.

It was the right move. You don't come back from that, though.

Solstice Cloak (Resplendent)[edit]

"Let the fear in your bones drive you to resist."
— Armor description


Before they took the Traveler away, we thought we were tough. All of us. But man, without the Ghosts, we became real vulnerable for a while. At least I did. Ghaul absolutely had us pegged.

A bunch of Fallen were trying to establish a base of operations near the old Nessus crash site after the boss left. When Trake and I arrived on Nessus to help organize resistance against the Red Legion, we engaged the Fallen—we couldn't let them build up their forces.

So the ground trembles when one of the Fallen transports blows up, and I lose my grip on my rifle—it slips right down the ridge we're taking cover behind. I've never felt so stupid, and I… I couldn't move.

Trake shakes me out of my stupor, and we scramble over the ridge to get my rifle. I slide down and grab it while he covers me. It feels like the world is frozen in place. I can still picture him shooting round after round as we head back to safety.

He's right on my heels, but… I'm sorry. No, he, uh, he was hit in the neck and, uh, that was it.

The fear—I can't describe it at all. But I remember it in my bones.

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