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  • No source|Don't know the source
  • No license|Don't know the license
  • Destiny content
    • Logo|Logo of a product
    • Game-render|Render of a unit, weapon, etc. from a game
    • Game-screen|Screenshot from a game
    • Character-screen|Screenshot of a character or AI unit
    • Vehicle-screen|Screenshot of a vehicle
    • Weapon-screen|Screenshot of a weapon
    • Multiplayer-screen|Screenshot of multiplayer content
    • Art|General illustration (e.g. concept art)
    • Character-artwork|Illustration of a character
    • Cover|Image of a game/book cover
    • Comic|Image from a comic
    • Figure|Image of an action figure
    • Film-screen|Screenshot from a cutscene or a non-gameplay commercial
    • Wallpaper|Desktop wallpaper
  • Other content
    • Gfdl|GNU FDL
    • Fairuse|Fair use under US law
    • Pd|Image is in the public domain
    • Pd-self|Image released into public domain by the uploader
    • Copyrighted free use|Free use for any purpose allowed by the copyright holder
    • Permission|Copyrighted image used with permission of the copyright holder
    • Web-screen|Screenshot of a web page