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Lyria Graemer
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Lyria Graemer was a Titan Guardian in service of the Last City and participated in the Red War.


Following the invasion of the Last City, Lyria, alongside her longtime friend Mattox-9, learned which floor of the Tower on which the Speaker was being held by Red Legion forces. The pair scaled the side of the Tower intent on rescue, but met misfortune eight stories below their intended target when Cabal soldiers on the ground spotted them and opened fire. Drawing her rifle, Lyria called for Mattox to climb while she provided cover fire. As Mattox reconvened, he was shot in the back of the head, dying instantly. Lyria dropped her weapon to catch her old friend and was subsequently shot in the side. Knowing that she would not survive but determined to end her mission alongside her old friend, Lyria loaded Mattox-9's rocket launcher with primed grenades. She then jumped with Mattox's body in a free-fell towards the enemy, turning the pair into an improvised projectile which annihilated their foes.[1]

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