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Viliksis the Seraph, Crimson Circle
Biographical information

Other names:

Viliksis, Genesis of Monsters
Viliksis, the Unbounded
Viliksis, the Unhinged
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Devil Splicers (formerly)
The Crimson Circle (currently)


Splicer Priestess (formerly)
Archon (unofficial)







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The Darker Side
Cradle of Abominations


Abhorrence Catalyzer


Summon Fallen
High Durability
SIVA Smash
SIVA Swarms
Atrophy Cascade
Shrine Protection
SIVA Surge (TBA)


"Hehehaha! Such power and my people only scratch it's surface. Yes, it can spell evolution for all... but only for those worthy of it. As for those not? Well, they all have their places."
— Viliksis

Viliksis the Seraph, Crimson Circle was a Splicer Priestess originally from the Devil Splicers before meeting up with the exiled Fallen Baron, Karuskalis and forming the elite mercenary group, the Crimson Circle. With her experience with SIVA and alien tech, she would pave the way to the order's exceptional hand in biomechanics and weaponry, despite her obviously extreme methods.


Early Life[edit]

"What else is there to say about my life prior? My mother's head was blown off by a sniper. My father was brutal and beat me frequently. My friends are all dead. And the Great Machine still looms over those den of murderers. I've learned that nothing ever will bring us close to it's Light. We will all continue to share the shadows with the monsters and warmongers."
— Viliksis on her early life.

A Better Alternative[edit]

"So there I was. Forfeited Human power in our hands. Lost during their Whirlwind, left in the hands of an obsolete intelligence. Better yet, we saw what it did to those murderers and thieves. If you have yet to see any parallels to that and my handiwork, well, hehe, you need to pay attention more."
— Viliksis on the discovery of SIVA.

Left for Dead[edit]

"You wonder why I often work alone? Why I have no one to love? No one to trust. Because those I have laid my trust into wielded it as a weapon and plummeted it into my back. Though it would inevitably benefit me in the long run, it would teach me a valuable lesson on trust."
— Viliksis on her betrayal

Becoming a Ghost[edit]

"Two withering proverbial peas in a pod, lost and disgraced joining together to create an elite and exclusive order of mercenaries. And now that they see our true power, our old friends and family come crawling back to us for our help. Though it is kind of senseless that we oblige after they hurt us, but Ether is Ether and Glimmer is Glimmer."
— Viliksis on the creation of the Crimson Circle

Mother of Monstrosities[edit]

"Of course me and Karuskalis had a bit of a falling out because of my beliefs. He wanted inscrutability and obscurity. I wanted evolution and war. That and my methods are extreme, I'll admit, there is no doubt about it. And my creations were anything but inscrutable."
— Viliksis on the Crimson Intervention

Recent Events[edit]

Meeting Evils[edit]

"What a pity. Hehehaha! Just as things are getting interesting!"
— Viliksis before escaping the Lion Bounty

Putting the Cradle to Rest[edit]

"The evolution of my people is inevitable, murderer. Whether it comes by nature or nurture. Stopping me here will stop nothing. Wait. Hehe, that implies you will stop me. But you can't stop what is eternal."
— Viliksis to the Guardian


The Darker Side[edit]

Cradle of Abominations[edit]

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