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The Crimson Circle


Karuskalis the Lich, Crimson Circle
Viliksis the Seraph, Crimson Circle
Arzuliks the Phantom, Crimson Circle


Havopaks Prime the Dullahan, Crimson Circle


The Crimson Dreadnaught


Crusades of the Jackals
Season of the Hunt

"In the crimson shadow, even Light will perish."
— Crimson Circle Motto

The Crimson Circle is a secretive order of Fallen assassins, mercenaries and Splicers chosen for their desirable strengths and ambitions. Composed of elite Fallen (usually ex-mercenaries, assassins, Barons or even Archons) from the many Fallen Houses in the Solar System, they are said to be the best of the best and are often employed without hesitation. They are indicated by their dark grey and red armor and the abundance of alien tech baked into them.


Abandonment of Ghosts[edit]

A Ring of Blood[edit]

Two Sides of a Coin[edit]

Recent Events[edit]


Mysterious Broadcasts[edit]

The Hades Contract[edit]


The order is organized more like a crime syndicate with a founder directing every move for the house much like a Kell would. However, the boss is the end-all sovereign of the Circle, maintaining full control over every aspect of power in the order that would have been separated in a traditional Fallen house. Second to the founder is their co-founder, who also possesses full control over the Circle save for their greater associate. Despite the full power the founder and co-founder have over the Circle, they rarely exercise their power, usually reserved for the occasional supply and weapons raid and retaliation order or even a desirable contract, allowing the houses patrons a greater sense of independence and freedom to do whatever they please, as long as it benefits the Circle in the long run.

As is required for any Fallen house, the Circle also has an impressive line of Servitors stemming from the Havopaks line. However, due to the order's liberties from the abandonment of traditional Fallen belief, the Circle, instead, remade most of the Servitor line to be ruthless war machines rather than the source of sustenance their peers initially engineered them to be. The most aggressive Servitors are allowed to pilot the Splicer's crowning achievements, a Strider assault walker.

The most elite and loyal members of the Circle are appointed to the Council, an exclusive kill squad who answers only to the founder and obey every order their master wills, whether that is assassinating rival Fallen leadership or kidnapping an alien asset, while also given minimal governing and military power. When not following the will of their master, they can often be seen scouting for and training candidates in the Hunt, sharpening their skills or improving their weaponry or, like any other mercenary, working on a contract they were either assigned or chose themselves.

The most glaring trait about the Circle is their undeniable skill and affinity for weapons and technology. Due to the works of the most prestigious Splicer engineers and scientists, most of the Circle's ranks are armed with the most advanced Fallen weaponry and assault automatons empowered by repurposed Human and Cabal tech, as well as the minimal presence of SIVA. As is the way of the Circle, the more useful and powerful weapons and armor are awarded to the most devoted and higher ranking members of the order.



Crimson Council[edit]

Notable Members[edit]

Notable Servitors[edit]

Notable Automata[edit]

Command Structure[edit]



  • Wretch, Crimson Circle
    • Prestigious Wretch, Crimson Circle






Basic Weaponry[edit]

Unique Weaponry[edit]

  • Reaper Blades - Wrist mounted, SIVA powered Blades utilized by the heavily modified cybernetic Scourge units. Deals powerful Solar melee attacks while also capable of projecting waves of energized SIVA to be hurled at enemies. Arvorehk uses a more powerful variant of the Blades called the "Harvester's Carve".
  • Shock Carbine - A heavily modified railgun fused to a Fallen Shock Rifle, the Shock Carbine is a versatile rifle utilized by the Circle's Hitman assassin units. Can alternate between 2 firing modes: a fully automatic rapidly tracking barrage of Shock bolts much like that of the basic Shock Rifle and a Sniper Rifle mode that fires a powerful bolt of Arc energy with minimal penetration abilities.
  • Crimson Hatchet - Solar melee weapon gifted to the most experienced members of the Circle such as the Predator squads and the leadership. Deals significant Solar damage and has an impressive range for a melee weapon and can burn targets.
  • Onslaught Skeleton - A powerful exosuit utilized by the Circle's elite Skirmisher units. The suit provides the Skirmisher countless combat advantages: more convincing invisibility, Void-powered blades that allow for a more lethal melee attack, torque joints to provide greater movement and a grapple hook to both pull in enemy units and to provide even more mobility for the Skirmisher.
  • Rail Pistol - Magnetic Rail powered revolver prized by the Circle's field commanders and leaders for its power and effectiveness. This Hand cannon-like weapon fires powerful and extremely accurate Arc projectiles that can easily deplete a Guardian's health; rate of fire differs throughout the ranks. Raskalos utilizes a more powerful version of the Pistol called the "Desperado's Iron Will".
  • Bulwark Shield - Fallen Barrier tech-powered energy gauntlets that provide the Circle's elite with protection and is made use of most notably by the order's bodyguards and Enforcers. The shield protects a massive area in the direction the user is facing the shield and can be placed to create a dome shield for all Fallen units to inhabit and fire at their opponents outside the shield. Zaevilis uses a more solid and powerful variation of the Shield called the "Bastion's Fortitude".
  • Swarm Controller - SIVA powered gauntlets utilized by the Circle's most trusted Splicer Priests and the anointed Magisters. The gauntlets allow the user to weaponize and utilize the SIVA they are granted to either create rapid bolts of SIVA, conjure fissures, entrap enemies or even create a protective field for their allies. Gariks Sol utilizes a more powerful and SIVA potent variant of the gauntlets called the "Grasp of Oblivion".
  • Slag Rifle - Void powered machine guns used by the heavy units and vehicles of the Circle such as the Strider assault walkers and the Predator elites. The rifle fires an inaccurate volley of bolts of molten metal and chemicals at their targets that can easily strip away shields and can create burning areas of effect, but is mainly meant for enemy suppression to allow allies to easily flank them. Kaniraa utilizes a more powerful and larger variant of the rifle called the "Technocrat's Ingenuity".



  • Shank, Crimson Circle
    • Aggro Shank, Crimson Circle
    • Exploder Shank, Crimson Circle
      • Aggro Exploder Shank, Crimson Circle
    • Tracer Shank, Crimson Circle
      • Aggro Tracer Shank, Crimson Circle
    • Heavy Shank, Crimson Circle


Fallen Walker[edit]

  • Fallen Walker, Crimson Circle
    • Anti-Air Walker, Crimson Circle
    • Railgun Walker, Crimson Circle


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