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Valus Bru'ork, Land Splitter
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Stone Breakers







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Heavy Slug Thrower
Cabal Slug Launcher
Cabal Headhunter
Cabal Cluster Missiles


Initial Immunity
Blindness Effect
Slowness Effect
Rocket Jet Blast
Burning Effect
Energy Barrier
Summon Scorpius
Punished Debuff
Pulsar Shielding
Weapon Resistance
Cabal Bombardment
Ultra Detonation
High Durability
Limited Flight
Summon Cabal


Valus Bru'ork, Land Splitter is the weapons dealer of the Stone Breakers and the main boss of the Countdown Strike.


Primary Weapons[edit]

Bru'ork will initially be armed with a Heavy Slug Thrower, a Cabal rotary machine gun capable of tearing through Guardians' health in seconds. When his health reaches 50%, he will convert his equipped into a Cabal Slug Launcher, a powerful automatic plasma cannon that can puncture a Guardian's shield in as little as two shots, and when his reaches 33%, he will use a Cabal Headhunter sniper rifle instead, to bring down Guardians in the quickest way possible. Throughout the entire encounter, Bro'ork will continuously launch Cabal Cluster Missiles from pods on the back of his armor. These missiles track their targets and inflict them with blindness and slowness effects upon detonation. A close range, he will use his back-mounted booster jets to perform a shockwave force Guardians in the opposite direction as well as leave behind pools of fire that ignite anything in their radius.

Turret Systems[edit]

During the first section of the encounter, Bru'ork will surround himself in an energy barrier that will block all incoming damage, and summon Scorpius turrets for backup fire. Simply destroy the turrets to bring down the barrier. Bring his health down to 50% and he will retreat, leading the team to reach the next section.


During the second section, Bru'ork will inflict the "Punished" debuff on all Guardians, which will increase ability cooldowns and decrease their damage. He will also be shielded with Void energy by Pulsar Defender Psions, giving him resistance to all weapon damage, although Void damage will still deal bonus damage to this shield. Killing the Pulsars will cause them to drop Sparks of Light that reverse the "Punished" debuff and grant the "Freedom" buff, which grants extra damage to Bru'ork for 20 seconds at a time. The debuff will come back when the buff expires. Bring his health to 33% and he will retreat into the final section.


During the final section, Bru'ork will continuously call in satellite lasers and time bombs. Satellite lasers can be identified by their large red targeting circle, whereas time bombs will instantly kill the entire team if not disabled in time. He will be permanently vulnerable for the rest of this encounter, meaning that he can be killed on the spot.