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Val Bragg, the "Butcher"
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Healthy 800 Ibs

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The Discharged (Formerly)





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Makes some damn good pastries and cakes
First Cabal Guardian
Winner of the 17th Annual Baking Championship


"Why does everyone assume I'm a murderer?! I'm a chef, I bake stuff! Stop calling me a war-criminal when all I've done is make cakes!"
— Bragg addressing rumors on him

Val Bragg is a Cabal Gladiator who once served The Discharged. He was risen by a Ghost and brought to The Tower.


The Discharged[edit]

"Look, General, listen to me, I can bake stuff, from cakes to pastries and other alien confections. I'm a chef, I'm not a military tactician! Stop awarding me medals for things I have not done and never will do at all, okay?! Stop following some stupid rumors about me being a renown murderer!"
— Bragg conversing with General Foolhardy

Val Bragg was an avid connoisseur of alien confectionaries, known for making them... well, better! He aced in the school of culinary arts and earning himself many stars in cookery. However, as many saw him as a Gladiator, he was considered to be a ruthless Gladiator veteran with thousands of people's blood on his hands when all it was is cake icing. Although many Cabal would enjoy that reputation, Val Bragg hated such title, being a chef and all. After being caught in a crossfire between Cabal and Guardians, he was killed.

The Vanguard[edit]

"I don't know why I was chosen by your "Traveler", I have no idea what I've done to deserve such therapy, but hey, I'm not complaining. Perhaps now people will finally understand me!"
— Bragg addressing his revival

After the events of Penumbra, he was resurrected by a Ghost he named 'Mixer'. Surprisingly he had recollection on every recipe he recorded and had the same skill in it, but this time, with the light at his fingertips. He was forcibly brought to the Tower with many looking at him with fear and reluctance. He WOULD prove himself to the Vanguard on the field, but will earn most of his reputation, once again, as a culinary artist. Eventually, people would stop fearing him and commend his culinary arts and cuisine.

One day, he was stressed with his cooking. So, he decided to blow off some steam in some Crucible. The thing was, he was Cabal... against Human, Awoken, and Exo Guardians. Therefore, he started destroying in Crucible, even getting close enough to surpass Ikora Rey's record, before Ikora stepped in to protect it. Nevertheless, he became a Crucible champion, quickly solidifying his position as a Gladiator.

The Dawning[edit]

War Games[edit]