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Some who are lost are best off forgotten.


Scourge of the Past


Worm's Grave

Time's Hold


Destiny 2




Echo Mesa, Io


Follow a Vex distress call to one of their greatest strongholds.

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Time's Hold is a Raid taking place in an unseen part of the Pyramidion where the Vex keep there most dangerous prisoners. It follows up to the Vex allying with the Guardians against a vast and dangerous Taken threat. What makes this raid unique is the randomized encounters which cycle every week or can be selected by an extremely rare raid drop called Warden's Omni-Key. There are seven encounters in the raid, with Shyx, the Anachronologic being the definite final boss.



Taken Ambush[edit]

Qoraision, the Ever-Vengeful[edit]

The Formless Lock[edit]

Ulhan, the Locksmith[edit]

Saving Andromeda[edit]

Typhon, Taken Warden[edit]

Corrupted Oracles[edit]

Vuliksis, Vault Lost[edit]

Blissful Trial[edit]

Syrîka, the Hypnotist[edit]

Purging The Altar[edit]

Kulahak, Echoing Sword[edit]

Shyx, the Anachronologic[edit]