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The Stellarfrost is a limited time winter holiday update in Destiny 2 that ran from December to February. This update is not only just simple winter update but also came with multiple new features added to the game along with a whole new story as well.


The Stellarfrost is an ancient Hive holiday to celebrate the Hive god Nilok and his followers for his kindness and hospitality to the Hive race. Stellarfrost is celebrated by festivals, offerings, rituals, and even occasionally Sacrifices, and each year the Hive is given a present by Nilok himself. Stellarfrost is also known for having a galactic blizzard that travels through the whole Sol System which gives the Stellarfrost its name, the nature of the blizzard is unknown, but it's thought to be somewhat related to the Stasis. It is said by the Hive that the blizzard happens when Nilok’s Throne World opens up to the rest of the galaxy, releasing it’s blistering cold out into deep space.


"This place is freezing, it's even colder then Europa! Let's hope if we can find some heat around here so we could... well warm up. Anyways, let's continue exploring this world to find more about this "Stellarfrost""
— Ghost

This update came with a lot of new features, such as new quests, new strikes, and even a new location accompanied with a brand new dungeon and raid added to the game. And on top of all that, new weapons and other kinds of rewards from participating within the limited time event.

New Weapons
New Locations
Lost Sectors