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Skolas, Perfected of Perfection
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SIVA Scorch Cannon


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Splicer Servitor Bonds
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SIVA Infection


Hey guys. What if Skolas actually came back? As if to say, the Devil Splicers somehow broke into the Prison of Elders and SIVA-fied him. Now, I know he was a pain back in Year 1 if you didn't have a prepared team, but how can we make him even more of a pain?


SIVA Scorch Cannon[edit]

Alright, so first, his Scorch Cannon will have gone SIVA-fied. It deals less damage than a normal Scorch Cannon, but it fires much faster and its rockets travel quicker, aggressively track their targets, and leave large SIVA Swarms upon detonation.

Splicer Servitor Bonds[edit]

This refers back to the Kaliks Minor bonds from before, except these Servitors can now shoot at you, provide a full immunity shield for Skolas, and now require both of them to be killed. This shield keeps coming up until he dies.

Critical SIVA Density[edit]

Every time his shield goes down, Skolas will fill the room with a critical density of SIVA for 30 seconds. However, the attack will not kill you if you are on the outer perimeter of the arena, although your health will be brought down to a critical state and recovery will be disabled for 10 seconds.

SIVA Infection[edit]

After the density phase ends, he can then be damaged, but before this can happen, he will taint all Guardians' Light and infect them with SIVA. The only way to counter this debuff is to kill a named Splicer Captain, who will then drop a spark of captured Light that Guardians can use to cure themselves. The damage phase resumes until the Splicer Servitors form another bond

Why This?[edit]

Because Skolas has been irrelevant for some time now, and I enjoyed fighting him back in Year 1. Also, Taniks Perfected. Why can't they do the same to the others?

Answer: the Lore[edit]

Re: Why can't they do the same to the others?

Because 1): Taniks was "more machine than Eliksni"... literally. Likely the only thing of him that wasn't a machine was the parts of his brain where consciousness rests in, though given Destiny's space-magic its probably not a big deal, Exos and the like. And 2): Skolas is dead.

Now, if there was another "Skolas-esque" Eliksni that tried to do something similar, then maybe. But the lore says otherwise.

True, But...[edit]

I just happen to not care about the lore at the moment and wanted to have some fun creating something new. I'm only saying what would I think happen if they were able to...somehow. Once again, I know that Taniks was able to be SIVA-fied because he was mostly machine, but I like to focus on gameplay above all else.


I think I know how the lore can be held to and still have a Skolas-esque villain -- now, I'm perhaps going a bit crazy here, but what if Skolas had a son, who had infiltrated the Prison of Elders on the behalf of the Devil Splicers in order to get the drop on the Guardians who killed his father? To accomplish this, he used SIVA to get in and infect as many of the denizens as he could to create an army for the Devils, and thus Variks calls upon us to take him down while in there.

This is starting to get too big for a single Arena mode. Hmm... Maybe this can be a chance to finally explore the entire Prison, and not just the areas we fight in!

There It Is[edit]

Right, thank you. You answered the one question I still had about all of this: how and why the Splicers are able to break in. And yes, the Prison could really use an extension. The four rooms we fight in are cool and all, but the premise is a little too simple: an all-out brawl with enemies occasionally with an important objective. Why not have an area that requires one to think before they position themselves instead of having enemies all over the place?


As I don't know the full layout of the Archon's Forge, perhaps this could be a resemblance of that? Variks is an Eliksni, after all, and he uses the Prison for the ways of old, trial by combat and all.