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Savathûn, Mother Progenitor
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Hallowed Ground


Restriction Zone
Darkness Blast
Darkness Cloud
Dark Presence
Black Barricade
Barrier Support
Savathûn's Song
Brief Vanish
Arc Shield
High Durability
Rapid Flight
Slowness Effect
Solar Shield
Bleedout Effect
Void Shield
Blackout Debuff
Summon Blights
Summon Taken
Savathûn's Wrath
Darkness Dimension
Summon Hive


Savathûn, Mother Progenitor is the "Witch-Queen" of the Hive, and the new controller of the Taken.

Main Mechanics[edit]

Black Barricade[edit]

Initially, Savathûn will be surrounded by a black circular barricade, and is able to attack from behind it. There will be six Savathûn's Handsmaiden Wizards surrounding it. These Wizards must be killed so that they each drop a Void charge, which has to be inserted into the correct crystal, which is across from the crystal it dropped in front of. Once the charge is picked up, the player is inflicted with the Dark Presence debuff, which greatly delays health and ability regen, and Hive reinforcements will arrive. If placed in the wrong crystal, the Barrier Support spell is cast and the player holding the charge dies, and if it takes too long to insert the crystals, then the Savathûn's Song spell is cast, wiping the entire team. When all charges are placed in the correct crystal, then Savathûn will briefly vanish only to reappear and teleport to an open location.

Rotating Shields[edit]

Savathûn will be vulnerable to attack at this point, but she will rotate through all elemental shields, and these shields give her Darkness Blasts special propoerties. Arc shields enable her to inflict a slowness effect; Solar shields enable her to cause a bleedout effect; Void shields enable her to cause a blackout. Breaking a shield will make her vulnerable to damage for 15 seconds, after which she will teleport to another spot. These shields will rotate in a random order.

Taken Blights[edit]

After sustaining damage, Savathûn will return to the center behind her barricade and summon a giant Taken Blight along with several smaller blights, which she will use to power the former. The small blights are immune to damage until all Taken reinforcements are killed. Destroying the small blights is essential, as doing so will shut down the giant blight, preventing Savathûn from using her Savathûn's Wrath spell, which would kill the entire party.

Darkness Dimension[edit]

Once Savathûn's health reaches 50%, she will drag the entire team into her Darkness Dimension, where health and ability regen are completely disabled while enabling the Dark Presence debuff to slowly drain the player's health. Both Hive and Taken reinforcements will appear at the same time. The rest of the fight will be conducted here. When Savathûn's health reaches 1%, she will try to cast her wrath spell once more. If the blights are not shut down, the whole team goes back to square one.