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Kalviks, the Damned
Biographical Information




House of Lions (formerly)
House of Shadows





Combat Information


Kell's Wrath Target: Kalviks, the Damned


Molten Welder
Trip Mines
Web Mines


Void Absorption shield
Extreme High Durability
Rapid Movement
Ultra Smash
Summon Fallen
Wicked Servitor Bond
Summon Overcharged Shanks


"Now look, before you get mad at me, hear me out. We are in a massive situation, the side we are fighting, are losing, horribly, and those Shadowkeepers are decked out really well, and so...I wanted to join the "winning team", so Joskaa, will you be able to let it slide? I can try to convince that Kirtho-what's it, to spare you guys, so will you not try to kill me?"
— Kalviks speaking to Joskaa before defecting to the Shadows.

Kalviks, the Damned is a Fallen Captain of the Shadowkeepers' House of Shadows. Once a former member of the House of Lions, he would abandon the Lion Banner in favor of the Shadows, because of this, he would be targeted by Joskaa's Kell's Wrath. He is the first boss in the Quest: Snuffing out The Shadows: Fallen.


The Swordsman's Arrival[edit]


"Kalviks is a special one to kill, he was once one of my lieutentants, before that Spoiled brat of a "savior" came and brought his ass here. Now he betrays the House and expects me to "not be mad about it". But you know what I do to traitors, Yes? heh heh heh..."

When facing Kalviks, he behaves like a normal Captain Ultra, like that of Jaliks, Fallen Captain or the Silent Fang. Not much is special about him, except for his abnormal resilience, and the occasion to run off and teleport away while placing Trip Mines across to the Salt Mines to keep his enemies off his back. However, after evading his traps and cornering him at the same area as where Kiriks-16 was faced, He will be equipped with a Void Absorption shielding and uses his Molten Welder to attack his enemies and will place Web Mines to slow down his foes, as well as using Overcharged Shanks to coat some areas with Arc Energy to keep players on their toes and in his line of sight, he will also be assisted by special-types of Wicked Servitors, that functions like those of the Defiled Servitors that can shield Kridis, Dark Priestess. It is attended for those Servitors to be destroyed to take out Kalviks' Immunity Shield, but will summon the Servitors again occasionally, it is attended to keep doing so, until either he is dead, or the player is killed.


  • Despite being a Shadow Army member, he is shown to be just a recolored House of Dusk Captain, appose to Shadow Captains who has the appearance of House of Salvation Fallen.
    • This could be either he was a former Dusk member before joining the House of Lions, then to House of Shadows.
    • Or that some of the Lions wear Dusk-styled armors, and he was one of them.
    • It was mentioned by Joskaa that Kalviks was mostly a leach, and would latch on to any House that are more powerful than that of his old House. Implying that the Dusk Armors symbolizes that aspect of him.

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