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Ir Aluk, the Executioner
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Corrupted Knight



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King's Vengeance


Void Boomer
Arc Cleaver
Slap Grenade


Wall of Darkness
Slowness Effect
Sundered Effect
Eruption Vortex
Shocking Effect
Poisoned Effect
Tomb Husk Surge
Dark Essence Debuff
Suppression Effect
Crystalline Shard
Glyph Upsurge
Searing Torrent
High Durability
Darkness Stream
Darkness Bolt
Blindness Effect
Void Axion Dart


Ir Aluk, the Executioner is the Viruses' warden, and one of Halkris' most powerful champions.

Main Mechanics[edit]

Primary Weapons[edit]

Ir Aluk's weapon of choice is a Taken Boomer that fires Void bolts which leave behind giant energy domes upon detonation. These energy domes slow down the movements and sunder the resilience values of any Guardians that get trapped inside. For close range combat, he can unsheathe a giant Arc Cleaver that will instantly kill any Guardian with a direct slash. If it hits the ground, then it will create a pulsing electric shockwave that will shock everyone to death within its radius.

Wall of Darkness[edit]

Ir Aluk will appear on a large upper platform and put up a transparent Wall of Darkness. His attacks can pass through, as can himself and Guardians, but Guardian weapons cannot penetrate of the wall. He can also launch a series of Solar projectiles that erupt into fire tornadoes that rapidly burn Guardians to death. He will constantly change positions on his platform with his short range teleport, making his movements erratic and unpredictable. To break down the wall, special plates will need to be activated and stepped on for long enough while shooting down Hive crystals. But to activate the plates, Guardians must gather enough of Dark Essence stacks to awaken the plates, which will only happen when their respective glyphs are fully powered. Stepping on a plate without that Essence will inflict a poison effect until the plate is stepped off of. Special Corrupted Knights will eventually appear. These need to be killed, as they will drop a Tomb Husk upon death. These Tomb Husks will need to be inserted into glyphs next to the plates. Each glyph can only take two Husks per charge level. If more than two are inserted, then the glyph will surge with enough power to release a blast that will wipe the entire team. The plates will need to be charged a total of 3 times. Whoever inserts a Tomb Husk will receive one stack of the Dark Essence effect. This effect will slow ability recharge rate as well as health regeneration rate. When 3 stacks of the Dark Essence are achieved, then the plates are activated and can be stood on.

Glyph Plates[edit]

As soon as the plates are stepped on, an onslaught of Viruses will assault Guardians from all sides. When the plates are charging up, Hive crystals will appear in random locations around the arena. Missing one will cause that crystal to increase in size and fall on the whole fireteam. They must get out of the way or they will be crushed to death by the crystal. That crystal will then remain there, and will be immune to all damage. At every 33% charge, a stack of the Dark Essence is removed, but the plate stops charging. This is because of an Ultra Corrupted Ogre that will automatically stop the process. Ir Aluk will then turn the plates into pillars of Void energy that will suppress and rapidly damage any Guardians inside. The pillars will disappear once the Ogre is killed, and the charging process can resume. Once the plates are fully charged, then everyone standing on them will receive the "Executioner" buff, meaning that they can now shoot down the Wall of Darkness. However, once the wall is shot down, Ir Aluk will summon his Oversoul and unleash a Searing Torrent. This Oversoul must be shot down to stun him, thus beginning the damage phase, which lasts 30 seconds. After that time, Ir Aluk will drain power from one plate at random, creating a power surge that will heavily damage any Guardian that still stands on it. He can gain the Corrupted Captain's Darkness Bolt, the Corrupted Hobgoblin's Slap Grenade, and the Corrupted Centurion's Axion Dart, which will compound after each damage rotation.