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House of Desire


Asiriks, The Unseen





"In this house that which is most hidden is in plain sight here. Let them not separate us any further. Let them unite us into a single shape, let us wield that shape until we fit our purpose "
Azarias, The Subverter

The House of Desire are a house of the Fallen, distinguishable greatly among their peers. Their armor isn't any discernible color aside from the eerie glow of their taken bodies. The crew is majority made up of taken Marauders from various houses. Though in growing the house it has adapted to include taken Captains, Minotaurs from the Vex and expanded to various members from all races for very specific purposes. They are in mass a house designed for stealth and infiltration though quite capable to direct contact as later battles would prove. Many of their assaults have brought them into conflict with various races such as the Hive, Vex and at times the Cabal. Though they are not a threat to the Last City they will not hesitate to deal with Guardians investigating them or their movements.


Early History[edit]

"Have you heard the stories? they speak of an Eliksni house run completely in the shadows, the fact there's no name to identify them speaks volumes of their efficiency. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing yet."
Master Rahool

A house that is virtually shrouded in mystery from everything including intent, purpose, gathering and even deployment. The house was put together by a individual known as Asiriks, The Unseen. While there's not background information on such a being among the fallen houses, Asiriks has completely built his house on the premises of stealth, recon, and remaining hidden from open and known conflicts beyond that which actively blocks their path. Because of this there hasn't been many interactions with this house beyond stories exchanged from those who have lost friends or family members to the mysterious house which seemingly appear out of thin air. The House from the outside possess a very mysterious purpose that often brings unwanted attention, however to those within there is single purpose guiding them all known only to the members of said house. The House was truly born in the heart of the Red War, prior to this there was a Mass fracturing of Houses following the SIVA Crisis. Taking note of the situation at hand and knowing he alone would not topple the more powerful of the Worm Gods and deal with the Hive, he opted to create his own. Using the cover of Ghaul's attack and the city being fractutred as it was. Azarias, under the alias of Asiriks began recruiting Eliksni to his cause. Their desires to have a house to truly belong and have a purpose in allowed for an amazing and opulent feeding ground for him to grant wishes. Compounding wishes that led to the house consolidating power as with each wish granted, Elisksni were partially taken to uphold their end of the bargains and thus the house itself was born. Though at the time they lacked resources, with all the mass confusion, House of Dusk and Former territories open for who would claim them. The House of Desire began it's salvage operation under chaos.

The Wishful Salvage[edit]

"There's been a reported large number of fractured houses among the fallen, one has to wonder where many of them winded up besides the House of Dusk "
— random Ghost

His team together their main focus started off with commandeering a Ketch first and foremost. A mobile base of operations would allow them to remain unseen and work within the shadows and then after that focus on gathering stealth drives to mask their approach or descent from locations and areas from prying eyes. Such as the Red Legion, Rasputin and varying other eyes that could become curious of his intentions. Not one to leave anything To chance Azarias also collected resources from all the races he could, from battles left behind from wasteful guardians and other races who retreated. Former battlefields made for great plundering grounds to add to the resources. Collecting not only materials for the upcoming battle but also troops to add, his power steadily growing as wayward Eliksni would join his cause, their desires being granted at the price of being taken.

The Taken Initiative[edit]

"They desecrate our holy halls with their thievery and tactics. Yet they wield strange powers, there's a greater hand and will that's guides them, their visage, it smells of our grandfathers fabled power to Take yet I do not sense him among them, nor his siblings."
— Hashladun

Having gathered what he needed to support his house and truly keep his end of bargain. It was time for a hidden strike, while the guardians continued their rebuild and reclaiming of their worlds Post Ghaul, Azarias and his chosen taken began their assault on The moon, searching for any information from the Worlds Grave regarding the whereabouts of the worm gods the Hive served. Far stronger than his original attempt and lacking greater numbers Azarias and his team fought through the hellmouth. Plowing through the hive forces and those not killed were taken by him to grow their ranks even further and collect for troops in case of fill out warfare. Though he had ample time using his taken to read from the archives of the hives history From their domain. Hashladun and her sisters arrived on the scene confused about the source of power and attack on their home as they lay in the deepest reaches of the hellmouth. Angered the sisters immediately went on the attack, though he could have fought back too much commotion would bring attention, plus with the information he had he could begin his search on the next destination. The Dreadnaught, his team retreated and returned to their ketch ready to strike their next target.

Strength in Salvage[edit]

"There's been a number of conflicting reports that suggests someone or something is hitting old fallen bases and hideouts, ransacking them dry and then vanishing before anyone can even identify who it was. Given the reports I'm skeptical to put any stock in what I've been reading, but we will continue to monitor the situation. "
Petra Venj

Azarias heavily relied on his guises and movements to travel to and fro and gather intel and information on the city, vanguard and movements of others. While it was extremely helpful to the cause of the house. Their technology was mostly that of the fallen which was by all accounts scraps renewed for a purpose. To truly discover the secrets of the worm Gods they would need everything they could afford to take with them to search every nook and cranny there was in the sol system. Given the massive size of it, narrowing down the best likely places to look would ensure best places not to waste time on. The Vex would be next on the targets list of the house Going after left behind remnants of a Vex technology and bait and kill several minds to collect the cores and repurpose them. However his main goal was to find and procure a prediction engine that would allow him to see beyond the scope of peering into the minds of others and merely listening in, he could tune into communications through the system, strategies and plans would allow him to better work within the confines of stealth and be well more prepared for incursions that would be coming. Expecting the unexpected. Yet he would need to keep a low profile. Attacking the Vex on Venus brought the attention he needed as he would use this as a diversion to begin his next and true assault. Despite the Dreadnaught being derelict it was still teeming with hive and lost Taken looking for a new master, reigns he would gladly take up. However it was here that the darkness would begin to give him visions and speak to him. While his crew began exterminating those who dare prevent their progress and gathering others to be taken. Azarias would begin looking and studying all oryx had gathered in his immense grimoire small, entire repository of information waiting to be read. Azarias using this knowledge grew his power over the taken energies, hive Magic's and gained a wealth of knowledge of the history of the hive and the name of their home world. During this time the Dreadnaught would become a home and massive base for them to claim storing their ketch in locations where tomb ships one set their helms. Armed with new purpose and greater information. Azarias realized more was needed and he knew exactly who would supply.

Virus Detected[edit]

Silcardo/Asiriks The Unseen

Following the trace energies left behind by the taken oryx once commanded, Azarias began plundering minotaurs and technology from the own source of Vex no one cared to even look for. The Sol Divisive, by using vex he had taken before he would use them as a nexus to bring his way into the black garden and create a portal and way he could pickpocket "snatch" up minotaurs through apertures and take them. Their stealth capabilities would work wonders for his tasks at hand and with access to the Black Garden, using a shade and his cloaked essence magic he kept himself a hidden back door to access the garden when needed or required.

Targeting The Hive[edit]

Hunt For Fundament[edit]

Taming The Dreadnaught[edit]





Notable Members[edit]

Unique forces[edit]


  • This house is completely comprised of Taken forces, though Azarias for reasons known to him only has partially taken the majority of his fallen forces while others have been completely taken by him. His reasons for doing so vary depending on the situation at hand.
  • This house was built and created for the sole purpose of battling and fighting against the Hive and Their Worm Gods, he has created various forces for the specific purpose of battling and fighting ascendant Hive forces.