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Hazak, the Darkest Edge
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"I have strayed the most powerful being in existence from his/her goddess, I have tainted them forever with their mortal and immortal enemy because of my power. I have slaughtered enough Lightbarers to where only the God of Luna can rival me. I have"
— Hazak to Amtsu and the Guardian as he dies


Hazak is a powerful Hive Vanquisher who serves under Amtsu's command. He tends to be extremely loyal to his mate, going on entire crusades of blood in her name, all to appease her hatred for the Light. However Hazak, in his attempt to appease his mate's hate, eventually stumbled across a message and power from the Darkness itself. A silver and vantablack flame simply called, Blackflame. He took in this power and became unstoppable, slaughtering Guardians by the droves, only surpassed by Crota years before.

Action is Taken[edit]

Due to this sudden event, the Guardian is summoned to find and hunt down Hazak with their new Stasis power, suspecting it could be a match. However what the Vanguard couldn't predict was the sheer wrath and power behind Hazak and his Blackflame, utterly overpowering and nearly killing the Guardian by nullifying all attacks they could do in the mission Advent of Blackflame. However unlike many times before, the Guardian could not escape, becoming imprisoned within the catacombs. They're forced to take in Blackflame, the rawest power of the Dark, to even stand a chance against Hazak and his new powers. Once they do they begin to hunt down Hazak and all he represents with this forbidden power.

Smile for Me, Former Lightbarer[edit]

During the final mission of Tunnels of Might, Smile, Hazak confronts the Guardian on his own volition and challenges them to a final battle, Flame to Flame, god on god, dark against dark. Eventually he loses, shaming himself in front of his mate and his entire brood. However as his soul is slowly burned away by the Blackflame, he finally gets his recognition from Amtsu, and accepts his achievements.

Amtsu regretfully admits she cannot stop or kill the Guardian, but would rather save her brood, and releases them. But swears vengeance that one day, hell shall befall all Light by her hands and the power of the Dark.