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Destiny 2


Season of the Cloaked

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Conquer is a new game mode added in Season of the Cloak. It involves taking back areas taken over by ShadowBreakers.

List of Conquer Missions[edit]

  • Conquer: Ghost Town- Retake Outpost: Ghost Town from the ShadowBreakers.[Trostland]
  • Conquer: Flame- Retake Outpost: Flame from the ShadowBreakers.[Firebase Hades]
  • Conquer: Goliath- Retake Outpost: Goliath from the ShadowBreakers and evict them from the tank.[Watcher's Grave]
  • Conquer: Citadel- Retake Outpost: Citadel from the ShadowBreakers.[Nessus Unknown Citadel]
  • Conquer: Remnant- Retake Outpost: Remnant from the ShadowBreakers.[Cosmodrome Skywatch and Lunar Complex.]
  • Conquer: Blizzard- Retake Outpost: Blizzard from the ShadowBreakers.[Europa Riis Reborn]
  • Conquer: Border- Take over The Border from the Border Guards and ShadowBreakers.