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Arthropod's Den



Enemy factions:

House of Arthropods

Connecting areas:

Mumbai Push

Area type:


Public Events:

Advanced Extraction
Solfugid Destruction
Technical Assembly
Armaments Exam
Black Widow's Web

Patrol beacons:



Arthropod's Den is the lair of the Fallen House of Arthropods and the base of their operations. It is structured as a vast network of subterranean tunnels that lead to a series of chambers which allow the Fallen inhabitants to extract resources, craft large-scale military projects, splice technology, test weaponry, and test the might of newly risen champions.


  • Extraction Chamber (Landing Zone)
    • Drill Cabinet (Lost Sector)
    • Resource Storage (Lost Sector)
    • Generator Cache (Lost Sector)
  • Artillery Chamber ((Landing Zone)
    • Cannoneer's Blast (Lost Sector)
    • Bombardier's Wreckage (Lost Sector)
    • Grenadier's Aftermath (Lost Sector)
  • Splicer Chamber (Landing Zone)
    • Research Wing (Lost Sector)
    • Experiment Corridor (Lost Sector)
    • Assembly Line (Lost Sector)
  • Armaments Chamber (Landing Zone)
    • Ballistics Terminal (Lost Sector)
    • Weapons Supply (Lost Sector)
    • Hardened Path (Lost Sector)
  • Black Widow's Web (Landing Zone)


The House of Arthropods have littered their base with defensive hazards. On the floor, they laid down a series of landmines that, upon contact, each explode in a web of Void energy that poisons, slows, and disorients its target. There are also tripmines on the wall that immediately detonate when its laser trigger is activated, letting off an Arc pulse that blinds and slows anyone in its radius for a short time. They even developed multiple varieties of ceiling-mounted turrets: an Arc turret that unleashes a stream of high-voltage electricity, a Solar turret that fires arcing fire bombs which leave deadly flaming spots in their wake, a Void turret that fires a hailstorm of extremely accurate bullets, and a Decay turret that fires constant flurries of poison-tipped flechettes which deal lingering damage.

Points of Interest[edit]

Extraction Chamber[edit]

The Extraction Chamber allows the Fallen to research advanced methods of resource extraction and underground excavation. They frequently conduct experiments known as "Advanced Extractions", which involve a crew of Fallen subterranean troopers making use of an Arthropod Drill that fires an enhanced drilling ray. This is also a Public Event for Guardians to engage in, where they must prevent the Fallen crew from collecting resources by destroying the power generators of the drill and defending the resources from Fallen reinforcements. To make this event Heroic, the drill itself must be destroyed, which is accomplished by destroying one of the power generators; this will disable and weaken the drill for 15 seconds at a time. Once the drill is destroyed, the main objective will then be to kill the leader of the crew, an Ultra Pantapod called a Drill Officer.

Artillery Chamber[edit]

The Artillery Chamber allows the Fallen to develop blueprints for large-scale military projects, including artillery weapons and giant armored constructs. Whenever the base is on lockdown, the Fallen deploy a Solfugid tank to sweep the area for intruders. Once an intruder is spotted, it activates its destruction protocol and begins attacking all Guardians on sight. This begins the "Solfugid Destruction" Public Event, where Guardians must bring down the tank before an Arthropod Skiff recovers it for later use. To make this event Heroic, one must destroy all the Mites that leave the Solfugid's abdomen when it gets stunned, and the Mites must all be destroyed before the Solfugid recovers from the attack. When all the Mites are down, the Solfugid activates an enrage mechanic where it gains drastically increased fire rate, accuracy, damage output, attack resistance, and the ability to deflect incoming attacks.

Splicer Chamber[edit]

The Splicer Chamber allows the Fallen to tinker with newly sabotaged technology and use it to their own advantage. They use this space to conduct scientific procedures known as "Technical Assemblies", which involve a select group of Fallen scientists rallying under an Ultra-class Hornet called a Splicer Hornet and using it to augment themselves with the technology they've developed. This initiates a Public Event where Guardians need to destroy the Hornet before the Fallen it supports become too dangerous to engage. To make this event Heroic, one must destroy the Major Vinegaroons that supply it with Ether to increase its damage output and attack resistance as well as the Skiffs which bring in troops for the Hornet to empower. When the reinforcements are down, the Splicer Hornet will use its pent-up Ether to increase its damage and health as well as periodically summon an Arc web on the floor that inflicts heavy shocking effects.

Armaments Chamber[edit]

The Armaments Chamber allows the Fallen to test new weapon prototypes and later perfect their design for combat. These experiments are known simply as "Armaments Exams", which involves a crew of Fallen weaponsmiths crafting a Morph Cannon using a Fallen-modified Black Armory Forge. There will be several Fallen trying to defend it, with the occasional Mosquito gunship swooping in to provide cover fire against any intruders. This is part of a Public Event where Guardians need to disable the forge by throwing Solar charges at it, which drop from Elite-class Fallen enemies. To make this event Heroic, one must shoot the forge directly right after throwing a charge at it, which lowers the forge's integrity. Once the forge's integrity has been completely removed, the Guardian can then grab the cannon and use it against an Ultra-class Harvestman called a Arthropod Ironmonger, who will be supported by two Ultra-class Striders. The Morph Cannon fires three rockets with one shot: an Arc rocket that inflicts slowness, a Solar rocket that inflicts burning, and a Void rocket that inflicts suppression.

Black Widow's Web[edit]

The Black Widow's Web is the deepest chamber in Arthropod's Den, and it allows the Fallen to test the might of their military leaders. It consists of an Arena-type Public Event with the same name, which consists of three tiers of difficulty, each with three waves enemies that are each followed by a boss battle. Between each wave will be one of three random objectives: killing a high-value target, hijacking electric Tesla coils, and holding out against poison gas. As the waves progress, enemies become more numerous and dangerous and objectives become more difficult, and the bosses also have their own mechanics. The low-tier bosses are a pair of Ultra-class Mymercians called Web Keepers; the mid-tier bosses are a pair of Ultra-class Harvestmen called Web Enforcers; the final boss is an Ultra-class Hornet called a Web Overseer.