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Aphix Defensive






Keep Neptune functioning and find a way to destroy the Collective Minds

Other names:

The Forgoten Vex


The Forgotten Mind
Vex Builder
The False Champion



The Aphix Defensive was a deployment on Neptune until they were disconnected from the Collective Minds, they attacked the Collective Minds but failed. They began to transform Neptune to survive but as the time disconnected from the other programming grew, they were erased from time until they were discovered by Werrak Orimph. During the time of the Defensive's erasure, a Minotaur found some Raidolaria on Neptune and fused it with it's own Laria but what it didn't know is that it was from a different Minotaur that sacrificed itself to protect the rest of the Defensive. By fusing itself with the Radiolaria of this legendary Minotaur, the Mintotaur became The Failed Champion. As these Vex were being erased, one of the disconnected Minds, Zeodrion, merged itself with many leftovers of other Vex parts and became full of different thoughts from different brains and constructed a "Vault" of the Aphinx Defensives so they can never be forgotten.