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The Frozen Devil
Traitor Of All




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Darkness (Formerly)


Warlock (Stormcaller) (Shadebinder)

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The first of many to betray Humanity
One of the first to attain Stasis


"They say that to betray the Traveler is to turn your back on Humanity. Altohin did so without any hesitation, and he hasn't looked back since."
— Lizle

Altohin was a former Guardian who had turned on Humanity by joining the Darkness and gaining the powers of Stasis. He is the secondary boss of Possibility.


Golden Age[edit]

Altohin was always by his mother not to stray under the Sun for too long, lest he begin having sunburns. Although Altohin revered the Sun for its endless amount of light, he felt the same for the night sky as he slept. To him, both sources made him feel comfort and understood.

The separation of his mother and father shook Altohin to some extent, but nevertheless he managed through and decided to take stargazing as a hobby. Two years after he and his mother made the trip back to Earth because of a number of concerns. A few years after their trip Altohin had an accident with his left leg, forcing him to use a walking cane at all times.

At some point during the Collapse, Altohin watched the Pyramids converging on Earth's surface, and was told by his fearful mother to come back. Whether it be a sense of comfort or fear, the result has remained the same. Altohin had perished along with his mother and countless.


During the Dark Age, Altohin was resurrected by the Ghost Sid and was told to quickly move, as a group of Fallen had began to raid the area around him. He instead beat the Fallen with his bare hands one by one, dying fourteen times and slaughtering the Fallen party in the process. Shortly after he and his Ghost walked out of the ruins and into a small cave where he would reside in. The only possessions he had at this time was a blanket, a flashlight, and a cane.

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