Forgotten Abomination

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Forgotten Abomination
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Astral Alignment

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ArcS.png Overcharged Ether
High Durability
ArcS.png Ground Slam
Immunity Shield
Summon Scorn


Forgotten Abominations are Ultra Scorn Abominations encountered in Astral Alignment.


Forgotten Abominations found in Ley Line, Ceres appear near the end of the Ether Harvest encounter, as a further obstacle for players but with no special mechanics.

Forgotten Abominations in the Ley Line, Vesta area of Astral Alignment are more complex. Once the nearby Beacon has been located and activated, Forgotten Abominations will spawn in with other Scorn reinforcements to defend the area. Players will be unable to damage Forgotten Abominations as they are protected by an immunity shield which requires a total of 3 paracasual batteries to be deposited onto 3 plates.

Players are tasked to replace the batteries that charge the Blind Well's energy regulators. These batteries are also unique for its paracasual properties and collecting one will give them an "Encumbered" buff that slows down movement speed and lasts for a duration of 20 seconds. Due to the weight of the batteries, players will experience an "Exhausted" debuff that prevents them from carrying the battery until the exhaust has worn off after 10 seconds. Players are required to deposit these batteries onto 3 plates to deactivate the immunity shields of the Lost Knights, and to charge the Blind Well.

Forgotten Abominations attack like most other Abominations, with long range Arc bolts and ground slams with high knockback, which can make a player waste time getting back on track.

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