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Xbox 360[edit]

Code Result
{{User Xbox Live}}
Xbox-live-logo.png This user is a member of Xbox Live.
{{User Xbox 360}}
Xbox360.jpg This user owns an Xbox 360.
{{User Xbox One}}
Xbox One Console and Controller.png This user owns an Xbox One.


Code Result
{{User joined Destinypedia}}
Wiki.png This user has been a member of Destinypedia since {{{1}}}.
{{Editcount userbox}}
Wiki.png This user has made {{:Special:Editcount/{{{1}}}}} edits to Destinypedia!


Code Result
{{User female}}
Female.jpg This user is female.
{{User male}}
Male.jpg This user is male.
{{User transgender}}
Transgender.svg This user is transgender.


Code Result
{{User Australia}}
Australia.png This user lives in Australia.
{{User USA}}
United States.svg This user lives in the United States of America.
{{User UK}}
United Kingdom.svg This user lives in the United Kingdom.
{{User Canada}}
Canada.svg This user lives in Canada.
{{User Netherlands}}
Netherlands.svg This user lives in the Netherlands.
{{User Mexico}}
Mexico.svg This user lives in the United Mexican States.
{{User New Zealand}}
New Zealand.svg This user lives in New Zealand.