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The app

The Destiny Companion App is a mobile app available on iOS, Android, and web browsers. The companion app gives players access to a variety of game-related functions, and can view and adjust their own game setups remotely.[1]



The app includes a 3D render of the player's character, and includes that character's stats. Players can select between different characters that they own and view each one.[1]


The Advisors menu notifies the player of any unclaimed rewards that they can pick up at the Tower, as well as keeps them informed of current and available bounties.[1]


The Stats menu tracks the player's progress overall, as well as story, strike, exploration, and crucible progress. Stats also tracks the player statistics of the last few missions/matches that the player has completed.[1]


The app allows players to view their inventory (which also includes 3D renders) and equip their loadout remotely.[1]


The app allows players to look at their grimoire and see their progress towards unlocking new grimoire cards.[1]