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Despoina Kore
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Gallida died to bring these cubes back from Venus and I still don't know why.

Desponia Kore is a operative in service to the Vanguard.


Desponia was an associate of Gallida Tuyet. After Gallida and her fireteam disappeared and were assumed dead on Venus, one of the few things that were recovered were several oddly colored cubes. Desponia was frustrated by the fact that Gallida and her team died but that they still did not know what the significance of the cubes was.[1]

At some point Desponia filed a report to the Vanguard regarding an unidentified orbital bombardment in Meridian Bay on Mars. Suspecting that it was linked to Rasputin she identified information from an intact Warmind core that connected to a region known as "Polaris".[2]

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