Xenos Vale IV

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Xenos Vale IV

Xenos Vale IV is an Legendary Warlock armor set in Destiny 2. It was awarded by Zavala's Vanguard Engrams during the first three seasons of Destiny 2 and during Season of the Worthy.


"It demands a swift and terrible response."
— Armor description


"There is no City without the Warlocks."
— Armor description


"We were all strangers once. Even the Traveler."
— Armor description


"The realm of the strange is the Warlock's home."
— Armor description


"New things are only strange until you behold them. Then they are even stranger."
— Armor description


The bar's still missing its roof, and the air smells like rain.

Cayde-6 sits in the bar with his chair tipped, holding a shot of something acid green. He looks at you, counts the beads of sweat on Zavala's mug, and sighs. "Are we doing this, or what? C'mon, I'm rusting."

Zavala straightens and clears his throat. "The Vanguard will continue until we are no longer needed, but I can foresee the day when you will..." He pauses, searching your face.

The moment drags. Cayde juts his chin forward. Ikora hides a smile, then lifts her glass to you. "When you will surpass us."

"Wait, what?" Cayde's chair drops heavily. He leans forward. "'Surpass' us? I didn't agree to that! This is a 'great job being a hero' party, not a 'Cayde is second-best' party."

Ikora winks at you. "It's always been a 'Cayde is second-best' party."

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