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Tower, Earth


Asian Servers


Yuna is an Exotics Vendor located at the Tower, in the Bazaar near Ikora and Hawthorne. She currently serves as an exotics vendor for the Mugunghwa Legion, with a rotating inventory of exotic arms and armor.

Special vendor status[edit]

Available exclusively on the Asian servers, use of her services requires one to be an "IGR Benefactor" (Internet Gaming Room) which is exclusive to gaming and e-cafe's in South Korea. The exotic items she sells, however, are also available during Baron Strikes and missions, and are not exclusive to her as a vendor, or exclusive to the South Korean region.


  • Purchase exotic gear


"Nice to meet you. I'm the official Mugunghwa Legion Merchant."

"I'm here to bring you exceptional wares to thank you for your participation in Mugunghwa."

"You're a special group of guardians, and I hope to see you often!"

Flavor Text[edit]

Yuna has a gift for you on behalf of the Mugunghwa Legion. She hopes you will return as a member of the Mugunghwa.


  • Hibiscus syriacus, also known as the Korean rose, is the national flower of South Korea. The flower appears in national emblems, and Korea is compared poetically to the flower in the South Korean national anthem. The flower's name in Korean is mugunghwa. The flower's symbolic significance stems from the Korean word mugung, which means "eternity" or "inexhaustible abundance".