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Anthem Anatheme[edit]

Is there any other explanation as to how the Ahamkara such as Riven are able to transcend death using the anathema to sustain their will and feeding upon another's wishes after death? Of a similar note is the Worm God Xol and Oryx, both who were able to transcend their deaths by using the Sword Logic and tithe upon their deaths to keep their wills sustaining. In short, death for a paracausal being is simply means of attaining apotheosis according to lore. The body perishes, but the will lingers on. Anomani (talk) 16:05, 13 December 2018 (EST)


Hi, listen, I'd just like to ask you about why you deleted that bit about the Pyramid on the Moon being present since before the Collaspe. I look at the entry you linked, and I can't find a fault. Yet you deleted it. And everytime I try to add it back, some other guest gets rid of it without explanation.

So I'd like for you, if you could, to explain what I'm missing here. If the cards don't refer to the Pyramid, what do they refer to? Please can you answer than for me?

Hi - the Lore Book "Revelation" and an additional piece of lore that came with the Collector's Edition of Shadowkeep (I think, will need to double check that) suggest that the artifact that was present before the collapse was actually The Anomaly, not the Pyramid. Specifically, there's a reference in one of those lore entries to a dodecahedral Braytech shell being constructed around the artifact. Xardwen (talk) 17:42, November 5, 2019 (EST)