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Basic information
Real name





December 10th


Retired Army Infantry. Fan fiction writer for Destiny and other fandoms and an avid Destiny player.

Websites (not up to date but will be)

Places I've lived

All over the world.


I attained my Masters Degree in Media and Design from Fullsail University. My undergrad was in Media Arts and Animation from AI of California at San Francisco.

About me

I am a retired Army Infantrymen with aspirations of becoming a fan fiction writer. I enjoy Destiny so much that I've chosen to write a short story about it. I hope and pray that it is received well and that I face the criticism with an open mind. I reside with my wife, three children, 3 dogs, 3 cats and two chickens. Please enjoy my contributions to this site and I look forward to engaging in conversations with people about Destiny and all its secrets.

PlayStation ID
Xbox gamertag
Destiny tidbits
Favorite Destiny moment

Getting Sleeper Stimulant with a buddy of mine on Xbox.

Worst Destiny moment

Playing the Kings Fall Raid and not being able to finish due to life getting in the way. LOL.

Anything else

My fellow Guardians,

	I Ninja InThe Rye, bid you welcome to The Glaive where our ongoing battle against the Darkness shall endure, no matter the cost. The Glaives soul purpose is to enrich the lives of other Guardians across the Destiny galaxy and aid them in there pursuit against any and all evil. We are the chosen few that will smite the Darkness with our tenacity and formidable battle tactics. If you are worthy to be apart of The Glaive, your path as a Guardian must be that of virtue and bravery. The Glaive only accepts the best of the best in our fight against the Darkness. 

If you possess the fowling qualifications, your acceptance into The Glaive is not just fate, but your Destiny.


- Communication. Above all, this is by far one of the most important aspects of being apart of The Glaive. Being able to Communicate while battle planning/fighting is of dyer importance while we all face The Darkness. Have a microphone ready and available to complete all tasks. If questions arise, never hesitate to send a message to anyone apart of The Glaive if any issues come about.

- Pugilism. As a Guardian apart of The Glaive, you must possess a fighting spirit. This aspect of being apart of The Glaive is extremely important. Because at times, battle can be horrific and The Darkness is cunning. At those times, we all must rise above our opposition and ourselves to defeat our enemy.

- Integrity. All members of The Glaive must adhere to the moral and ethical principles that are not necessarily inherent in the Gaming world. You must be respectful to your fellow Guardians. Failure to do so will involve your removal from The Glaive. Our ghost found us dead and gave us the tools to rise above The Darkness. In essence, we all started in the same place and only together can we defeat our enemy.

As a member of The Glaive, we will traverse the Destiny galaxy and bring the fight to the Darkness in savage splendor. My play style is strategic in conjunction with proven battle tactics. I am also very pleasant, easy to convers with and enjoy the realm of Destiny to its fullest. As a retired Army Infantry SGT with two tours of duty overseas, I use infantry tactics in my play style to advance our position tacitly and proficiently. I look forward to see Guardians who believe they have what it takes to be apart of The Glaive. Please contact me on Xbox One under the gamer tag Ninja InThe Rye for details about joining The Glaive.

Let the light be your guide.


Ninja InThe Rye

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