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Sen-Aret is a Guardian raised from the Mesolithic-period Jebel Sahaba cemetery site in Egypt.


In life, Sen-Aret was a member of the Qadan culture. She was killed by other Humans in a massacre and buried at Jebel Sahaba around 13,000 years ago. Either due to the age of her remains or negligence from her Ghost, she was raised without knowledge of common language or technology, which she worked to rectify by speaking frequently with other Guardians.[1]

Her relationship to other Guardians was not always amicable, as Sen-Aret was disturbed by the cynicism of certain Guardians towards the Light and their willingness to hear out arguments made by the Darkness. Sen-Aret believed strongly in the Light and felt that this cynicism was the result of Guardians only hearing about the conflict between Light and Darkness from the Darkness's perspective due to the Speaker's death and the Traveler's continual silence. Some time before the events of The Witch Queen, she wrote a letter to the Warlock Vanguard, Ikora Rey, whose early career as a caravan guard she admired, and asked her to write an "exegesis" for the Light that would serve as a counterargument to documents such as Unveiling.[1]

Ikora attempted several drafts, but ultimately grew frustrated and abandoned the effort. A later revelation prompted Ikora to reply directly to Sen-Aret encouraging her to keep faith in the Light and not to give up hope.[1]


  • Having died up to 13,000 years ago, Sen-Aret is the oldest known Guardian in terms of the age of her original remains.
  • The Qadan culture was a group that existed along the Nubian region of Africa, along the Nile River, between 13,000-9,000 BCE.
  • Jebel Sahaba is a cemetery associated with the Qadan culture. Over half the remains buried there demonstrate injuries from bladed or blunt weapons, including some with arrow- or spearheads still embedded in them, and are often cited as the earliest known example of warfare or inter-group violence.



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