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"Those gonna be your last words then, boy?"
— Magistrate Loken's last words before being killed by Jaren Ward

Magistrate Loken was the corrupt leader of the town of Palamon.


Some time after the establishment of Palamon, Loken was appointed magistrate to oversee the town's newly created tenants of government and its defenses against Fallen bandits. While his rule began well and Loken worked hard for the town, his grief over the personal losses he had suffered and his fears caused him to become increasingly tyrannical. Eventually people began to leave the town, which only caused Loken and his men to tighten their grip even more.[1]

Eventually a Guardian named Jaren Ward arrived in Palamon and began to challenge Loken's rule. Several months after the Hunter's arrival, Loken confronted him in the middle of town with nine of his men while the other villagers watched. As his men held Ward at gunpoint, Loken declared that Palamon was not his home and that he had no right to dispute how Loken ruled. Intending to make an example of Ward to prevent any further resistance to his dictatorship, Loken listed a number of supposed "crimes" the Guardian was guilty of. As he declared Palamon his town, Ward interrupted and claimed it was not his anymore. Loken laughed at the outnumbered Guardian and asked if those were his last words, but the Hunter quickly shot him in the head with The Last Word, ending the magistrate's tyranny.[2]

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