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Zaror, Blighted Grasp
Biographical information






Taken Vanquisher

Combat information


Exhumation: Moon


StasisS.png Stasis Boomer
StasisS.png Taken Hive Shield


KineticS.png Fist of Darkness
StasisS.png Stasis wave
StasisS.png Ice breath
High Durability
Summon Taken
Summon Blights
Summon Servants of the Will
Immunity Shield


"You were a Vanquisher. A fanatical shield to protect heretical tongues.
You are still Taken.
Your guiding shadow is gone. Nothing remains of you but the frozen knife.
Embrace a new shape, the truest shape.

Zaror, Blighted Grasp is a powerful Taken Vanquisher leading a force of Taken to steal a fragment of Tivon's body being kept within the Lunar Pyramid. They serve as the final boss of the Exhumation: Moon activity.


Zaror is encountered at the end of the Epitaph Battleground. Destroying the anchoring Blight at the center of the arena will cause him to spawn alongside various Taken reinforcements. Zaror arms himself with a Stasis Boomer, which can deal incredible damage and freeze targets who stand in the field of its impact point for too long. He also can slam the ground with his foot, sending out a wave of Stasis energy around him that can slow or freeze any Guardians caught by it, depending on how close they are to him. Like Taken Knights, he is capable of firing a barrage of Stasis projectiles from his mouth that can slow and freeze any Guardian that stand in the impact point for too long.


  • Zaror is implied to have been a member of the Grasp of Nokris before he was Taken.