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Wyor, Shadow Sorceress
Biographical information






Ascendant Hive


Shadowkeep Wizard



Combat information


Dark Descent


Soulfire Rifle


Darkness Blasts
Shadow Essence
Slowness Effect
Shocking Effect
Blindness Effect
Burning Effect
Sundered Debuff
Suppressed Debuff
Weakened Debuff
Elemental Shields
Rapid Flight
Smoke Vanish
Invisibility Cloak
Darkness Cloud
Poisoned Effect
Shadow Scream
Brink of Death
High Durability
Summon Hive Traps
Summon Vestiges
Summon Shadowrifts
Summon Hive


"The Shadows wake. There is no stopping them."
— Wyor, Shadow Sorceress to The Guardian

Wyor, Shadow Sorceress is an Ascendant Shadowkeep Wizard that serves as the leader of the Shadowkeepers, right beside her consort Rulnok, Shadow Paladin.


Wyor is fought in a dual boss fight alongside Rulnok. She primarily attacks with varying elemental Darkness Blasts that inflict brief debuffs: Arc causes shocking and blindness; Solar causes burning and sundering; Void causes suppression of abilities and weakening of the player's equipped weapons. She is protected by all three elemental shields at once and will slowly regenerate health when her shields are active. If faced at close range, she does a Shadow Scream that causes significant knockback. Whenever she takes massive damage to her health in a single hit, she will briefly vanish in smoke, teleport to another location, and remain invisible until she attacks again; her shields will instantly regenerate while in this state. Upon reappearing, she will deploy a Darkness Cloud that deals massive instantaneous damage to Guardians and provides both burst and sustained healing for all Hive within its radius; players who enter this cloud suffer continuous poison damage. Depending on the distance of her targets, Wyor may occasionally summon a Hive weapon of her own: she will summon a Soulfire Rifle for long-ranged combat, which fires a precision-damage Void bolt that slows its targets upon a precision hit; she will summon a Shredder for medium-range combat, which can be fired in full-auto and has massively increased fire rate, accuracy, and velocity. Throughout the fight, she will summon Hive Traps, Vestiges, Shadowrifts, and lesser Hive to overwhelm the Fireteam. Wyor will initially be immune to damage, and will cast a Shadow Essence on one player at random. Whoever has the Shadow Essence must destroy all active traps, vestiges, and rifts, or else they will die in 30 seconds. After successfully destroying all the aforementioned objects, the fireteam will gain the "Shadow Breaker" buff, which grants 30 seconds of greatly increased damage to Wyor. When her health reaches 5%, she will give herself greatly increased shield strength and recharge as well as massive damage resistance.