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Rulnok, Shadow Paladin
Biographical information






Ascendant Hive


Shadowkeep Vanquisher



Combat information


Dark Descent


Chromatic Cleaver


Wall of Darkness
Blindness Effect
Burning Effect
Suppression Effect
Weapon Jammed
Searing Torrent
Energy Drainage
Pain Absoprtion
Frontal Guarding
Precision Immunity
Elemental Shields
Extreme Resilience
Health Regeneration
Rapid Movement
Summon Hive Traps
Summon Vestiges
Summon Shadowrifts
Summon Tombships
Summon Hive


"We wake the dead. Your nightmares will return."
— Rulnok, Shadow Paladin to The Guardian

Rulnok, Shadow Paladin is an Ascendant Shadowkeep Vanquisher that serves as the leader of the Shadowkeepers, right beside his consort Wyor, Shadow Sorceress.


Rulnok is fought in dual boss fight along with Wyor. He attacks exclusively with a Chromatic Cleaver that inflicts the target with blindness, burning, and suppression effects all at once. Despite this being his only attack, he is a deadly adversary, as he is incredibly durable and fast as well. He protects himself will all three elemental shields at once and carries a Wall of Darkness not only provides him frontal immunity and attack deflection, but also a guarding function that grants himself and all nearby Shadowkeepers immense damage resistance without losing any movement speed; he also rapidly regenerates a set portion of his health when guarding. Rulnok wears armor that also reduces incoming damage on bodyshots by 50%, and his helmet grants him immunity to precision hits and also puts a damage cap on his head. Throughout the fight, he will summon Hive Traps, Vestiges, Shadowrifts, Tombships, and lesser Hive to overwhelm the player. When his health reaches 5%, he will activate a Searing Torrent that inflicts the Energy Drainage debuff, which rapidly saps ability energy and ammo from the Fireteam and grants himseld the Pain Absorption buff, which greatly increases his innate resistances when he is struck; if he is not killed in 15 seconds, the torrent will instantly kill the entire party.