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The One Law


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Rings of Saturn


Defeat Xivu Arath
Defeat Savathûn
Defeat Ur, the Ever-Hunger
Drive away the Darkness from the Solar System

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The One Law is the final Raid presented in the Destiny series. Six brave Guardians have to venture beyond the safe haven known as the The Last City to face the Darkness one last time. The fight goes from Xivu Arath on The Dreadnaught to Savathûn and her worm on Titan to the final showdown on the rings of Saturn.

Xivu Arath[edit]

When entering the portal accessible through the Threshold, players will find themselves in a previously hidden area on the Dreadnaught. Six lamps similar to those in Crota's End will be scattered around the arena, and as soon the fireteam gather around the closest lamp the encounter will start.

The entire arena will be covered in a mist of poison like the one in the Blind Well. The players have to stay close to the lamp to remove the lingering damage, although they have to pay attention to the timer on the left side of the screen; just like the lamps in Crota's End, it will explode if anyone stands on it for too long, although it will refresh if everyone leaves it. Once the timer is about to reach zero, everyone should run away from it and to another lamp to ensure that every lamp can be used again, as they are all needed for the final phase.

Hive enemies will also continually spawn, and among these will be a Swordbearer Knight. Once this Knight is killed, an orb of Darkness will spawn in the back of the room, which has to be picked up by one player. The sword will stay where it was dropped until the damage phase.

The player that picked up the orb will be teleported to an identical version of the arena in the Ascendant realm which all the enemies in the "real" world will overlap into. Just like before, a cloud of poison will slowly drain the player's health, so the orb carrier is advised to move as soon as they can. There will be four pillars in every corner of the arena, of which one will be illuminated. The orb needs to be slammed into this pillar in order to remove the lingering poison in both worlds and reveal the position of Xivu Arath.

Once the orb has been slammed into the pillar, one random enemy will start to glow. The player in the Ascendant Realm has to call it out to the rest of the players using rocks and other things in the terrain as guidance. Once the fireteam reaches this enemy, they will notice that it has a lot more health than it should. Once enough damage has been dealt, Arath will be stunned and transform to her true form, a giant Knight armed with a Cleaver. Players should step away as this transformation causes a ground quake that will instantly kill a Guardian if they stand too close.

A player will now pick up the sword and attack Arath, as it is the only way to damage her. After three hits with the sword, which will deplete approximately a third of her health, she will transform away and the process will repeat one more time. Keep in mind that the person that previously picked up the orb will gain a debuff that prevents them from picking it up again, so a different person has to pick it up.

After the damage phase has passed two times, the every player has to go back to one lamp and prepare for the final encounter with Arath. She will spawn in the middle of the arena once everyone are next to their lamp, which will now have a different symbol above them. She will slam her Cleaver into the ground which will cause three symbols to appear over her head. Every symbol will only be shown in one second, which requires all players with the corresponding symbols to pay close attention and then shoot their lamp to make it detonate and stun Arath. Once she is stunned, all players can finish her by dealing heavy damage to her before she can initiate the wipe mechanic. Once she dies, the encounter will not be over: the arena will start collapsing and at least one person must jump through a portal spawning in the middle, which will finish the boss battle and take the fireteam back to the Threshold.


Ur, the Ever-Hunger[edit]

The Darkness[edit]